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Pesticide Stockpiles: An Unwanted Legacy of Africa's Landscape

Sub-Saharan Africa has more than 50,000 tons of obsolete pesticides. Exposure can hurt humans and wildlife.

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In West Africa, Fishing Communities Restore Health to Ocean Habitats

Coastal communities in West Africa have seen significant progress and benefit in developing fisheries management.
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A More Accurate Pulse on Sustainability

Cover of Little Green Data Book 2013The new edition of the World Bank's Little Green Data Book, released on World Environment Day 2013, includes an adjusted net savings (ANS) indicator for more than 200 countries.
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Environment: Sector Results Profile

A view of the Sundarbans region in India. - Photo: Arijit Bannerjee/World Bank

The World Bank has strengthened environmental policies and institutional framework through 41 country environmental analysis and US$9.3 billion on environmental policy loans.
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Leading Environmental Initiatives in Argentina

Screen grab of Argentina environmental projects videoIn an economically diverse country like Argentina, 10 World Bank projects that promote inclusive green growth are highlighted in this video.
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Coastal Wetlands Highly Vulnerable to Sea-Level Rise

People rummaging through garbage at a landfill in Mexico. - Photo: World Bank/FlickrA rise in sea levels by a meter could destroy more than 60 percent of the developing world’s coastal wetlands currently found at one meter or less elevation, according to a World Bank study.
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What's Happening to Biodiversity? (Infographic)


Screen grab of an area in the Acre region in Brazil
World Bank Helps the Amazonian State of Acre Streamline Environmental Regulations

New World Bank Strategy Makes Green Essential Part of Growth

Screen grab of Rachel Kyte, Vice President for World Bank's Sustainable Development Network
World Bank Urges Governments to Think Green for Inclusive Growth

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Environment Strategy

A new Environment Strategy for the World Bank Group is being drafted.

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Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility Program

Environmental and social responsibility is essential to sustainable development and to good business and is at the core of the World bank's mission.

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Cover of the Changing Wealth of Nations
The Changing Wealth
of Nations

Close to one third of the wealth of low-income countries comes from their “natural capital”, including forests, minerals and more.

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Last updated: 2013-08-07


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