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Five Development Marketplace 2006 Winners from India

May 12, 2006 -- Five projects from India were among 30 Development Marketplace 2006 winners who will share US$5 million for initiatives to provide clean water, hygienic sanitation, and access to energy to those communities in need:

Bullet Point 100 Village Employment and Power Partnerships
Bullet PointSubterranean Arsenic Removal: Experiment to Delivery
Bullet PointClean & Reliable LED Lighting for Tribal Homes
Bullet PointFences for Fuel in Virat Nagar Bloc, Jaipur
Bullet PointSelf-Sustainable Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

This last project aims to collected rainwater from the rooftops.

For women in villages in the Indian state of Rajasthan, fetching water is no easy task. The women have no choice but to walk three or four miles every day just for water.

But soon – through a grant from Development Marketplace – the women in the drought prone desert state of Rajasthan will be able to have water right in their villages from new technology, which will allow rainwater to be collected from rooftops and available from storage units in the villages.

The project is the brainchild of the Rajasthan Association of North America, partnered with the Biala Institute of Technology and Science.

And as BP Agrawal says in the villages now in Rajasthan there’s a critical water shortage. With a population of 56 million, the state has had 40 droughts in the past 52 years. The average daily water consumption is only three gallons per person a day. By contrast, in the United States, the average daily water consumption is 110 gallons per person.

Listen to BP Agrawal talk about a project which will deliver much needed water to about 5000 people living in one village in Rajasthan.

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