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Socios de Bolivia

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Commitment to Rural Development
Susan Goldmark, World Bank Country Director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela met with Vice President Álvaro García Linera, and was able to see from up-close the real results of various Bank projects in some of Bolivia’s rural areas. 


More “Barrios de Verdad”
Central Kupilupaca and Los Pinos Kupilupaca, two suburban neighborhoods of La Paz that were transformed thanks to the World Bank’s commitment to infrastructure constructions and the improvement of basic services.


Open doors, 3 thousand free books
On 9 July the World Bank fulfillied its promise by opening its doors and making more than one thousand books available to the public.
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Is Latin America Immune to the global Turmoil?
The region is well prepared to deal with a potential global contagion thanks to its solid macroeconomic and fiscal policy frameworks, says World Bank regional chief economist Augusto de la Torre.

Economic Prospects

Latin America Shifts Gears on Growth
World Bank expects the region to grow at moderate pace in the next three years in line with its economic potential.
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+ Live Q&A: Global Economic Prospects: June 2011

WDR 2011

World Development Report 2011: Conflict and Development
With more than 1.5 billion people living in countries affected by conflict, this report looks into the changing nature of violence in the 21st century. The goal of the World Development Report 2011 is to contribute concrete, practical suggestions on conflict and fragility.

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Rural alliances
Bolivian farmers are benefiting from World Bank funds in a very
special manner.

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Bolivia's ranking increases
In a maximum of two years, Bolivia will have access to financial sources, investment guarantees and contingency loans for emergencies, designed for medium income countries like Argentina, Brazil or Mexico.

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Rebirth of the sacred lake
All about the environmental preservation and tourism development programm, which counts on the investment of US$ 23 million for Lake Titicaca. 
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Bolivia leaves the ICSID
Only one case related to Bolivia is now been discussed by ICSID staff. After 13 years, Bolivia doesn"t belong any more to the treaty.
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Latin America Improves Opportunities, Still Lags Behind Rich Countries

Latin America Improves Opportunities, but Still Lags Behind Rich Countries
In the past few years the region has opened the door to development for many of its citizens, but has failed to close the opportunity gap with countries in Europe and North America, says the 2010 Human Opportunity Index.
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Commodity Windfall a Boon For Latin America's Sustained Growth

Commodity Windfall a Boom For Latin America's Sustained Growth
Saving proceeds from a commodity bonanza and investing in human capital can support Latin America's long-term growth argued a panel of experts at the Bank's Spring Meetings. 
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World Bank Announces Landmark Policy on Access to Information

World Bank Announces Landmark Policy on Access to Information
The new policy represents a fundamental shift in the Bank's approach to disclosure of information. The new policy will be effective next July.
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Retreating Andes Glaciers Threaten Water Supply
Bolivia's Chacaltaya glacier is fast disappearing, along with other Andean glaciers, as result of global warming, according to a World Bank report.
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In recent years, Bolivia has achieved political stability. President Evo Morales, elected in 2005, led a political and economic reform that included a major modification of the Constitution, the strengthening of state companies and the application of a variety of social programs.
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Feb 27, 2012 Commitment to Rural Development