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Uruguay CPS

The World Bank in Uruguay
The 2010-2015 strategy places a heightened emphasis on supporting Uruguay in accessing international expertise and best practices, as well
as sharing its experiences with other countries through South-South exchanges
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Given this economic recovery scenario, the Government priorities are to reach higher investment rates, improve the quality of public spending in social sectors, implement the necessary structural reforms to make the economy more competitive and ensure greater integration into the global economy. + More 

Haiti school

Haiti: Children, Families Top Reconstruction Agenda
Two years after an earthquake caused massive death and destruction in Haiti, signs of progress are tangible in key areas for the country's future.
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Signature Montevideo Landfill World Bank and Municipality of Montevideo against climate change
The Montevideo Landfill Gas Recovery Project, signed last December, consists of the design, implementation, and monitoring of a LFG extraction, treatment, and flaring facility at the Felipe Cardoso Montevideo Landfill. + More 

fighting poverty in 2011

2011: One more year fighting poverty
From the rebuilding process in Haiti to the conference on climate change in South Africa, look back at the most relevant global events and the support given by the World Bank to improve people's lives. + View the timeline  


Uruguayan youth bet for development
The World Bank office in Uruguay created a game that challenges students to think and discuss about climate change, equity, poverty, education, trade, and other development issues.
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Policy notes

Challenges and opportunities for Uruguay
The policy notes analyzes education, infrastructure, innovation, agriculture, and other issues relevant for Uruguay with two objectives: (i) to present the new government team with a menu of policy options in areas where the World Bank has experience; and (ii) to provide a framework for the dialogue.
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open data

Open Data Initiative
Recognizing that transparency and accountability are essential to development, the World Bank Group is now providing free, open, and easy access to its comprehensive set of data on living standards around the globe -- some 2,000 indicators, including hundreds that go back 50 years.
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Uruguay Shines at GEF Assembly
For a country of 3 million people and 12 million cattle, whose economy relies heavily on its natural resources, responsible production is a new concept that focuses on Uruguay's desire to increase its productivity while protecting the country's biodiversity.
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Modernizing public water services in Uruguay

Modernizing public water services in Uruguay
The World Bank worked with Uruguay to modernize its water utility company, OSE, helping in its transformation into a more accountable public utility providing better quality water to more Uruguayans than ever before.
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Energy Efficiency Project

Energy Efficiency Project
Uruguayans are speaking about energy-efficient lights, labeling of water heaters, solar electricity systems, and how to utilize energy more efficiently in their homes and enterprises.
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