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Country Brief
Nicaragua: IFC to Support Power Project Expansion. Nicaragua: IFC to Support Power Project Expansion. IFC will lead and arrange a syndicate of lenders to finance up to $42 million to build a binary unit, which will add approximately 10 MW net of additional capacity to the existing 72 MW net expansion at the San Jacinto-Tizate Project site. The binary unit is planned to begin construction in late 2012, with an expected initial operation date in the first quarter 2014.
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Macroeconomic management under the Ortega Administration has remained broadly favorable. Yet, a succession of external shocks including the Hurricane Felix, high food prices, and the financial crisis had an impact on Nicaragua's macro aggregates. After experiencing GDP growth rates of 3.2% in 2007 and 3% in 2008, the country's GDP contracted 1.5% in 2009. +More 

National Information

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(HIPC) The Enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative

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Regional Information
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Using CCTs to Reduce Child Labor and Improve the Quality of Work that Children Perform.

Using CCTs to Reduce Child Labor and Improve the Quality of Work that Children Perform. The program reduced child labor for household chores and farm work, while increasing it for the non-traditional, skill-forming activities related to commerce and retail.
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Nicaragua: Education Project will Benefit Half a Million People in Priority Areas.

Nicaragua: Education Project will Benefit Half a Million People in Priority Areas. Close to 220.000 students and 80,000 primary school children who are currently outside the education system will benefit as well as 250,000 people in priority municipalities.
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Nicaragua prepares new Country Strategy 2013-2017

Nicaragua prepares new Country Strategy 2013-2017. Carlos Felipe Jaramillo's visit, World Bank Central America Country Director, initiated discussions between the different sectors, to promote initiatives of greatest impact and benefit to the country.
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Nicaragua: Infrastructure Project to Benefit 75,000 People in Rural Areas

Nicaragua: Infrastructure Project to Benefit 75,000 People in Rural Areas. The World Bank approved a US$35 million project today that will help improve rural road infrastructure in Nicaragua, benefiting close to 75,000 people, of which slightly more than half are women.
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Doing Business 2012: Nicaragua improves its position

Doing Business 2012: Nicaragua improves its position. The country implemented processes more efficients through the payment of taxes by electronic means.
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Civil Society Fund 2011: Nicaragua a Youth Safe

Nicaragua Civil Society Fund 2011: Planting Seeds for a Youth Without Risk. WB has allocated funds this year to support at-risk youth and improve the chances of their reintegration into family, school and community through development initiatives. + More  + CSF 

IDA's work in Nicaragua

IDA's work in Nicaragua: innovative approaches to reach the poor in remote rural areas. IDA projects are focused on the identification and expansion of innovative programs in Nicaragua, promising quick results, but also sustainable improvements for the rural poor.
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Last updated: 2012-03-30

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