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Governance & Anti-Corruption

The World Bank views good governance and anti-corruption as central to its poverty alleviation mission. Nowadays, hundreds of governance and anti-corruption activities are taking place throughout the World Bank Group. They focus on internal organizational integrity, minimizing corruption on World Bank-funded projects, and assisting countries in improving governance and controlling corruption. The links to such units are highlighted on the left.

Combining participatory action-oriented learning, capacity-building tools, and the power of data, the World Bank Institute (WBI), in collaboration with many units in the World Bank Group, supports countries in improving governance and controlling corruption. Using a strategic and multidisciplinary approach, we apply action-learning methods to link empirical diagnostic surveys, their practical application, collective action, and prevention. Concrete results on the ground are emphasized in our learning programs. This integrated approach is supported by operational research and a comprehensive governance databank.

Resource Center

Team - Meet our team, read our latest news, and find external links to governance sites and partners under Resources.

In the News - Access news articles and other media mentions of governance and anti-corruption issues under News Articles & Media Mentions

Publications - Find working papers and research.

Data - Interact with the governance databank.

Events - Locate upcoming and past events, conferences and seminars.

Programs - Explore our learning and capacity enhancement programs.

1. Myths and Realities of Governance and Corruption: New Papers
2. Governance Country Diagnostics
3. "Governance in Emerging Markets: Evidence and Implications for Growth and Market Prospects", Presentation at the EMTA Spring Forum (PDF, 226kb)
4. Human Rights and Governance: The Empirical Challenge

Presentations at the Quality of Government Conference, Sweden

6. Public Lecture at the American University of Beirut
7. 1st Global Forum for Media Development
8. Legal Corruption: Paper and Datasets
9. Governance Matters IV: New Indicators
10. One-page briefs on Corruption

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