The Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit

Conflict is a major constraint to development with critical impact on physical, economic, and social capital, as well as the social fabric of the countries involved. During 1990-2002 alone, there were 56 major armed conflicts in 44 different locations in the world, exacerbating poverty and disrupting development efforts.

The World Bank views conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction as critical to a mission of poverty reduction. The Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit conducts research and provides analysis on conflict and development to support country units working in conflict-affected countries. The Post-Conflict Fund provides financing for physical and social reconstruction initiatives in post-war societies.

Through the assessment of the causes, consequences, and characteristics of conflict and transfer of lessons learned, the Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit works to design development efforts specific to conflict-affected countries that will help prevent further conflict and ease transition out of conflict.

As of October 2002, the Post-Conflict Fund (PCF) has approved US$50.9 million for 110 grants in 36 countries. An independent evaluation of the PCF, completed in March 2002, determined that the Fund had broken new ground, established significant partnerships, and had untapped potential for greater donor involvement.

NEW: Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy, Policy Research Report by Paul Collier

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The Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit is part of the Social Development Department of the World Bank.

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