Producer Organizations (POs) are part of a country’s social capital. They provide services to their members as well as a framework for sharing information, coordinating activities and making collective decisions. POs create opportunities for producers to get more involved in value-added activities such as input supply, credit, processing, marketing, and distribution. They also build producers' capacity to negotiate with agencies that formulate agricultural policy or regulate access to services and input/output markets.

Recognizing the potential of Producer Organizations to contribute to sustainable rural development with a direct impact on poverty reduction, staff from the World Bank and leaders of Producer Organizations set themselves a goal for 2001:

Every World Bank-financed agricultural services project should include support for PO involvement with a view toward empowering them and promoting effective partnerships between POs, governments, and other stakeholders.

We provide this website as a forum for exchange of information and experience among people and institutions committed to building the capacity of Producer Organizations. You might like to add your case, or simply to browse our reference materials.

~Development of Producer Organizations in Mozambique and Zambia: summary and handouts from WB seminar

~International Workshop: "Appui aux Pays de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre sur les Aspects Agricoles des N�gociations Multilat�rales"

~Producer Organizations part of the Bank's Voices of the Poor Initiative

~Final Report (French) - Reseau des organisation paysannes de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (July 2000)

~Press Release - IFAP/WB Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture (June 2000)

~Producer Organizations and Access to Inputs Workshop, Full Report (May 30 - June 2, 2000)

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