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Expert Videos

The Interview: Insights from Significant Voices

Exploring ideas, innovations and fresh approaches to our world is at the heart of the public sphere. People, Spaces, Deliberation brings you significant voices from academia and the practice of development through a series of interviews.
How can the Development Sector be more Innovative?
Professor Silvio Waisbord, discusses "organizational demands" and change

Contestation of the Public Good
Cyprian Fisiy, former Director of the Social Development Department in the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network


The Political Economy of Reform - Expert Videos (2010)

CommGAP and the World Bank Institute’s Governance Practice jointly organized a two-day workshop entitled “The Political Economy of Reform: Moving from Analysis to Action”. The workshop sought to explore the role that Political Economy (PE) analysis can play in supporting and informing real-world reform efforts. Following are samples of short critical content videos featuring speakers interviewed during the event (links to CommGAP's YouTube Channel).

Why do PE Analysis and what's new in this area of work?

Kapil Kapoor, World Bank Country Manager for Zambia
Rakesh Rajani, Head and Founder, Twaweza East Africa
Christine Wallich, Director, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, World Bank Group
Claudia Melim-McLeod, Democratic Governance Advisor, UNDP Oslo Governance Center
Ashutosh Varshney, Professor of Political Science, Brown University


 Operationalizing PE Analysis and Building Coalitions for Reform

Larry Cooley, President, Management Systems International

Karen Tumulty, National Political Reporter, The Washington Post


Jose Edgardo Campos, Practice Manager, World Bank Institute Governance Practice


Governance Reform under Real-World Conditions - Expert Videos (2007)

The following expert interviews were conducted in 2007 during a CommGAP workshop entitled  a Dialogue on Communication Challenges, Also included is the BBC World's World Debate on good governance and poverty, hosted at the World Bank headquarters in 2007. (Windows Media Player) The videos can also be accessed on CommGAP's YouTube Channel


David Apter, Yale University (4:45 minutes) -- Transcript
On the need for both frameworks and the right people in reform programs.
Kevin Barge, Texas A&M University (3:55 minutes) -- Transcript
How to use appreciative inquiry to overcome resistance to reform in public sector organizations.
David Cohen, The Advocacy Institute (6.24 minutes) -- Transcript
On the role of civil society in governance reform.
Rey Anthony David Jr., Great Wall Advertising (4:37 minutes) -- Transcript
On the need to fund communication programs for reform.
James Fishkin, Stanford University (3:57 minutes) -- Transcript
On the role of considered public opinion in policy reform.
George Krhoda, University of Nairobi (5:58 minutes) -- Transcript
An example of coalition building in water sector reform in Kenya.
Sumir Lal, The World Bank (3:51 minutes) -- Transcript
On the role of political analysis.
Peter Malinga, Human Resources Agency, Rwanda (4:27 minutes) -- Transcript
On engaging middle managers in governance reform.
JP Singh, Georgetown University (4:15 minutes) -- Transcript
On using deliberative processes to implement governance reform.
Matt Uzzell, Adam Smith International (4:09 minutes) -- Transcript
On the essential role of deep stakeholder analysis and governance reform.

BBC World Debate: Poverty and Politics

BBC World Debate on Poverty & Politics (47 minutes)
A special edition of BBC World’s World Debate, recorded at the World Bank in 2007, includes: Sanjay Pradhan, Ashraf Ghani, Jagdish Bhagwati, Paul Skinner, Tajudeen Rahmann, and BBC Moderator Zeinab Badawi.