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Weekly wire: The global forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

McKinsey & Company
Global banking-industry performance has been lackluster. Now comes the hard part: the rise of nonbanking platform companies targeting the most profitable parts of the banking value chain.
International Organization for Migration
Crossing the Mediterranean to Europe is “by far the world's deadliest” journey for migrants, with at least 33,761 reported to have died or gone missing between 2000 and 2017, a United Nations report finds. The report, released Friday from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), notes the highest number of fatalities, at 5,096, was recorded in 2016, when the short and relatively less dangerous route from Turkey to Greece was shut, following the European Union-Turkey deal.
Global Nutrition Report
Almost every country in the world now faces a serious nutrition-related challenge whether stemming from undernutrition or overweight and obesity, with 1 in 3 people affected. The report focuses on how improving nutrition can have a powerful multiplier effect across the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Indeed, it indicates that it will be a challenge to achieve any Sustainable Development Goal without addressing nutrition.
Influencing a key policy decision is often seen as the holy grail of international development research. We all want positive change and policy influence is a really important part of that process. But the idea that this is all that matters when it comes to evidence use in international development is a myth. Sustainable development progress requires evidence-informed decision-making throughout policy and practice.
Twiplomacy Study 2017

Social media has become diplomacy’s significant other. It has gone from being an afterthought to being the very first thought of world leaders and governments across the globe, as audiences flock to their Twitter newsfeeds for the latest news and statements. This worldwide embrace of online channels has brought with it a wave of openness and transparency that has never been experienced before. Social media provides a platform for unconditional communication, and has become a communicator’s most powerful tool. Twitter, in particular, has become a diplomatic barometer, a tool used to analyze and forecast international relations.
It is increasingly acknowledged that the global gender gap is severe, with major negative economic and social consequences, and that accelerating progress toward gender parity has enormous benefits. Yet progress has been slow. One answer is collaborations — partnerships for parity — but they have to be put together carefully if they are to be effective.

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