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Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

(From left to right) Mark Pieth, Chairman, Working Group on Bribery, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Wayne Murdy, Chairman and CEO, Newmont Mining Corporation, Alan Boeckmann, Chairman and CEO, Fluor Corporation, Hassan Marican, President and CEO, PETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional), Jermyn Brooks, Member of the Board of Directors, Transparency InternationalCorruption is a serious obstacle to economic and social development, according to Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UN

The PACI helps to consolidate private sector efforts to fight bribery and corruption and shape the evolving regulatory framework.

On world anti-corruption day on 9 December 2005, the PACI, the International Chamber of Commerce, Transparency International and the UN Global Compact 10th Principle agreed to coordinate their efforts to support business' fight against corruption and bribery. Joint statement on collaboration I Press release

  • agree on a common language around grey areas in the context of corruption
  • provide an opportunity for companies to commit to this language
  • send a positive signal to capital markets, international financing institutions and the public for companies who do commit
  • identify implementation mechanisms.

    The Partnering Against Corruption Principles for Countering Bribery ("PACI Principles") which were derived from Transparency International's Business Principles for Countering Bribery, covers the first point. Companies, regardless of sector and region, are invited to sign a support statement to commit to this common language.

    PACI Principles for Countering Bribery (PDF, 8 pgs, 27k) I Full document (PDF, 12 pgs, 116k)

    The initiative also seeks to:

  • Offer a neutral platform enabling companies to consolidate their efforts to counter bribery and corruption
  • Extend to a wider group of companies the ongoing efforts to implement measures to fight corruption and bribery
  • Communicate to a wider public the active commitment of leading companies to the principles of countering bribery and corruption
  • Identify and implement mechanisms to turn the principles into a tangible instrument
  • Explore and develop verification and compliance mechanisms and explore third party review mechanisms to ensure programme efficacy
  • Integrate anti-corruption experts, NGOs, international organizations and governments in the activities of the PACI in order to develop a wider and more comprehensive effort to fight corruption and bribery

    PACI Board
  • Alan L. Boeckmann, Chairman and CEO, Fluor Corporation, USA
  • Jermyn Brooks, Member of the Board of Directors, Transparency International, Germany
  • Tan Sri Hassan Marican, President and CEO, Petronas, Malaysia (2004 WEF Energy Governors Community Leader)
  • Wayne W. Murdy, Chairman and CEO, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA (2004 WEF Metals & Mining Governors Community Leader)
  • Mark Pieth, Chairman, Working Group on Bribery, OECD, Paris
  • Richard Samans, Managing Director, Global Institute for Partnership and Governance, World Economic Forum


    For more information and signature documents, please contact paci@weforum.org
    Point of View
    "The Rajasthan Education Initiative presents a shift from traditional thinking that provides new hope in our efforts towards making the future of our children secure.
    The challenge can only be jointly resolved, with the government and private sector working hand in hand with civil society and other organizations."

    The Hon Raje Vasundhara, Chief Minister, Government of Rajasthan

    Anti-Corruption Day
  • Key coalition formed to fight private sector corruption on anti-corruption day
  • Joint statement
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