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Labour Leaders

This community comprises heads of leading national and international labour and trade unions from the developed and developing world. The Labour Leaders expand and strengthen the representation of civil society in Forum activities to balance the interaction between business, government and society.

Labour leader Joschka FischerLabour Leaders are integrated into the Annual Meeting, as well as regional summits, and are engaged in the substantive work of the Forum including Task Forces and Initiatives. The Labour Leaders offer an important viewpoint to expand the breadth of the Forum's dialogues. The Labour Leaders participated in the Annual Meeting 2002 in New York as well as in the 2003 and 2004 Annual Meetings in Davos.

A Unions Council of approximately fifteen Labour Leaders was created to provide a framework for consultation on global issues of concern to Labour Leaders, their organizations, and the World Economic Forum. The Council's members are a globally representative group who can contribute valuable knowledge to Forum activities by interacting and consulting closely with the Forum.

Contact information
For more information about Labour Leaders or the Unions Council, please contact labour.leaders@weforum.org.

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