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What is the role of business in advancing economic development and social progress?

The challenges in our world cannot be met by governments, business or civil society alone. The UN’s Millennium Development Goals of 2015 will be a challenge to meet, but business partnerships hold significant potential for accelerating progress.

The Centre for Public-Private Partnership combines the thought leadership of research institutes with the practical perspectives of executives from business, government and civil society institutions.

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· The private sector develops new technologies, provides essential goods and services, and manages large-scale operations efficiently. Business competencies can improve the effectiveness of development programmes.

Report: harnessing private sector capabilities to meet public needs. Press release

· Multinationals have a particularly important role to play in upholding and advancing principles on human rights, labour, environmental and anti-corruption practices in countries with weak regulatory capacity.

· Public-private partnerships between businesses and other stakeholders, such as NGOs or governments, can apply the resources and competencies of business for social gain.

· Corporate philanthropy is growing, but only a small portion of this is directed towards developing countries. Corporate foundations can target more funds towards MDG-oriented programmes and also help to fill the financing gaps that often constrain public-private partnerships.

· Business can help to improve governance for the MDGs. Involving business in policy dialogues also enables stakeholders to work together more effectively on implementation. And businesses can also help build public awareness and support for the MDGs, through media outreach and consumer education.

Companies and organizations wishing to work with the Centre for Public-Private Partnership should contact Richard Samans, Managing Director, or Associate Directors Lisa Dreier and Pratik Bhatnagar.

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