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India and the World: Scenarios to 2025

The “India and the World: Scenarios to 2025” project explores the potential directions in which India may go over next 20 years. The three scenarios presented by the World Economic Forum and Confederation of Indian Industry, draw on the views of over 100 experts from within and outside India and examine issues including global integration, geopolitical stability, employment, demographics, infrastructure, leadership, administrative reform, political reform and rural development. They are a result of a 16 month research process aimed at developing a shared understanding from which Indian policy makers, business leaders and other key decision makers can implement a strategy beneficial to India and the world.


The three scenarios are:
Bolly World which describes an India where initial economic success becomes unsustainable and domestic social and demographic pressures soon trigger an economic reversal.

Atakta Bharat (India getting stuck) which describes an India lacking unified action and effective leadership creating a continuous and cumulative source of problems for India.

Pahale India (India First) which describes a unified India where people put the needs of their community and country first. India’s dynamic internal developments inspire the rest of the world and indeed India emerges as a global economic leader.

The research team led by Ged Davis, Managing Director, Centre for Strategic Insight, World Economic Forum, and Arun Maira, Chairman, The Boston Consulting Group (India), ask two key questions concerning India’s future:
1. Can India engage the whole nation in its quest for sustained security and prosperity?
2. How will India’s relationship with the world impact the Indian Agenda?

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