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Global Risk Network

Mapping solutions to the greatest risks

In an increasingly complex and interconnected global environment, risks can no longer be contained within geographical or system boundaries. No one company, industry or state can successfully understand and mitigate global risks.

The World Economic Forum, with numerous links to business networks, policy-makers and government, NGOs and think-tanks, is in a unique position to advance new thinking on global risks, to generate risk mitigation measures and to integrate current knowledge on global risks.

The Global Risk Network was founded by the World Economic Forum in 2004 in response to concern the international community and the global business community were not yet able to respond adequately to a changing global risk landscape. In 2005, the Programme moved forward in partnership with MMC (Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.), Merrill Lynch and Swiss Re.

In 2006, the World Economic Forum aims to build on its existing networks to provide strategic insight on global risks to its members and to help improve the collective global ability to mitigate risk.

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For more information, please contact: globalrisks@weforum.org
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