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The Business Case for Corporate Citizenship
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Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative

Corporate citizenship is about the contribution a company makes to society through its core business activities, its social investment and philanthropy programmes, and its engagement in public policy.

The manner in which a company manages its economic, social and environmental relationships, and the way it engages with its stakeholders (such as shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, governments and communities), has an impact on the company's long-term success.

Partnering for Success:
Business Perspectives on Multistakeholder Partnerships

Nine out of ten surveyed CEOs feel that partnerships between business, government and civil society must play either a major role or some role in addressing key development challenges facing the world today.

Executive summary (PDF; 10 pages; 304k) I Full report (PDF; 48 pages; 1.1mb) I Low res version (PDF; 48 pages; 792k) I Press release

Mainstreaming Responsible Investment report:
Major improvements in pension fund governance needed

This report, produced with AccountAbility, finds that the mainstream financial community places little emphasis on social, environmental and ethical issues in its investment decisions. Yet a company that profits while doing harm to the community is likely to suffer in the long run.

Executive summary (PDF; 8 pages; 487k) I Full report (PDF; 62 pages; 541k) I Press release
The views expressed by the authors are theirs alone and not necessarily those of their organization.

Report recommendations:
· Create an international set of good governance principles for pension funds akin to a corporate governance code;
Increase the duration of asset manager mandates;
Increase the disclosure of asset manager compensation structures;
Develop new business models for research on non-financial issues by analysts;
Re-evaluate the relationship and relative organizational standing of portfolio managers and buy-side analysts;
Pay, train and empower pension fund trustees more like corporate directors;
Create a specific professional competency for non-financial analysis;
Increase the emphasis on non-financial aspects of corporate performance in graduate business schools;
Widen the dialogue between analysts and corporate investor relations officers on non-financial information.

GCCI Facts

The Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative works with more than 40 Forum member companies and representatives of other organizations and initiatives with expertise in the area. The GCCI aims to increase businesses awareness, engagement, and support for corporate citizenship as a business strategy with long-term benefits for both corporations and society.

Contact Information

For more information on the Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative please contact: gcci@weforum.org

To link to the Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative please use the link www.weforum.org/corporatecitizenship

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