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World Economic Forum summits bring decision-makers together to address the world's most crucial issues. These events enable members and constituents to discuss global and regional issues by sharing first-hand information and insights.

Session summaries are available for all of our events. Browse by theme, region, industry, contributor or event.

Annual Meeting and Summit Reports are available at www.weforum.org/summitreports

Webcasts Session summaries Report

24-28 January World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos

25-29 January World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
5-6 April World Economic Forum on Latin America
20-22 May World Economic Forum on the Middle East Sharm El Sheikh
31 May-2 June World Economic Forum on Africa Cape Town
15-16 June World Economic Forum on East Asia Tokyo
10-11 September China Business Summit 2006 Beijing
23-24 November World Economic Forum in Turkey Istanbul
26-28 November India Economic Summit 2006 New Delhi

26-30 January Annual Meeting
2 April Arab Competitiveness Roundtable
28-29 April Asia Roundtable
20-22 May World Economic Forum in Jordan
1-3 June Africa Economic Summit
16-17 June Extraordinary Ukraine Roundtable
9-10 September China Business Summit
17-18 October World Economic Forum in Russia
27-29 November India Economic Summit

Webcasts Session summaries Report

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