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Energy Challenges

Energy Vision
Building on an Energy Vision
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Energy Vision – Do we have one for our grandchildren? Will diverse decentralized power generation from small nuclear devices and nanotechnology-driven renewables, ‘plug & power’ hydrogen-fuelled cars, all linked in a smart grid, be the backbone of the energy system 50 years from now? Having a vision is the first important step to a sustainable future. Working on an energy vision is a leadership challenge in this highly complex industry that survives on long-term strategic decisions.

The understanding of a multitude of aspects is key for the elaboration of a consistent vision. Fostering knowledge of different aspects and their interrelatedness is a task where the World Economic Forum’s dialogue can add value by bringing experts and interest groups, covering a variety of matters of concern, together with industry leaders.

The Energy Industry publications summarize key issues of the industry. They are prepared by the World Economic Forum and are based on the Energy Community interaction throughout the year. The objective is to set the context for our upcoming energy-related sessions within the Annual Meeting, our regional summits and Energy Industry Agenda Meetings.

An increasing number of large energy companies are involved in the World Economic Forum's Corruption, Health and Greenhouse Gas activities.

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For more information on energy challenges, please contact energy@weforum.org

Point of View
Jean Lemierre, President, EBRD
"The scenarios project is an important tool to help us all to think about the most relevant challenges facing Russia today - economic diversification and improved governance - and points the way forward for the country's leadership."

Jean Lemierre, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development I World Economic Forum in Russia >>

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