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Why is there no world day for the bicycle?

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Peter Golkin riding his bike to Arlington County Public Library“My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: riding a bike to the library.” - Peter Golkin
Luckily for Peter Golkin, he gets his two favourite things everyday, as he rides his bike to work at Arlington Public Library. Millions of others like him benefit from using the bike as a form of transport, improving their health, reducing pollution, and saving money for themselves and society in the process.
Despite these benefits, the benefit of the bike to society is not recognised in many countries, or internationally. As a first step, the bicycle deserves an official annual World Bicycle Day sanctioned by the United Nations.
The humble bicycle has played second fiddle to the car for far too long: research published last year showed that not only could cycling cut a tenth of transport emissions of carbon dioxide, but more people cycling would cumulatively save cities across the world $25 trillion from 2015 to 2050 by reducing the need for expensive roads and public transport. 

Figure 18 compares the total cost across all transportation modes in a 2015 High Shift Cycling (HSC) scenario, the current HSC scenario, and the business as usual (BAU) scenario. 

Steve Jobs with Macbook AirApple’s late Steve Jobs loved to compare the computer to the bicycle: "I think one of the things that really separates us from the high primates is that we're tool builders. I read a study that measured the efficiency of locomotion for various species on the planet. The condor used the least energy to move a kilometre. And, humans came in with a rather unimpressive showing, about a third of the way down the list. … But, then somebody at Scientific American had the insight to test the efficiency of locomotion for a man on a bicycle. And, a man on a bicycle, a human on a bicycle, blew the condor away, completely off the top of the charts. And that's what a computer is to me. What a computer is to me is it's the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with, and it's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds". 
bicyclists in Taipei CityBeginning in the 1970s, the city of Bogotá, Colombia, began closing roads to allow people to ride their bikes free from the noise and danger of traffic. Since then, hundreds of cities around the world have followed suit including New York and – most recently – Paris. Almost 2000 cities take part in European Mobility Week each September, with one ‘car free day’ when citizens are urged to use other means to get to work. The huge global community of cycling enthusiasts runs thousands of other events to celebrate cycling, such as Bike to Work Days, Ice Ride, Teheran - City of Bikes, Climate Rides, Bike for Mom in Bangkok, Bicycle Festival in Seoul, International Cargo Bike Festival in the Netherlands or even the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland amongst many others.
Those events would be even more effective in showing cycling’s role as a solution to global problems if it was unified with a common aim. Setting a UN-endorsed World Bicycle Day would help to coalesce some of these diverse civil and citizen initiatives into something global.


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Photograph of cyclist in front of Arlington County Public Library courtesy of Peter Golkin's archives/collection
Photograph of Steve Jobs by Matthew Yohe via Wikimedia Commons
Photograph of bicyclists in Taipei City courtesy of Taipei City Government – Taiwan  



Submitted by angelo bianchini on

I remember the time when I learned to ride a bike. I was four years old and I was taught by my uncle. My mother had bought me a bike a couple weeks before, but the bike just sat in my house. One day when my family had a little gathering my uncle took me and my cousins out so we could learn. He took us to the neighbor next to us, so if I had any embarrassing fails my friends would not see. I was not too nervous, but the idea at the time was still tense. I think it took me about two or three tries, but when I finally got it, the feeling was great. To a certain degree it was like a rite of passage.

Submitted by SHANE KHANT SOE MOE on

Bicycles, which have only two wheels, have benefited humans for over 200 years. As Peter Golkin said, bicycles let us move forward without wasting anything. They do not waste fuel, electricity, or any natural resource. Biking is also a good exercise. UN should set the bicycle day for three facts. People should recognize the usefulness of bicycles which have helped them for over a long time. People should recognize that biking instead of driving cars can obviously reduce the carbon monoxide level of a day, and people should recognize that bicycles were the primitive concept of all automobile things. Based on the concept of bicycles, there were tricycles with three wheels. Furthermore, there are now cars which have four wheels.

Submitted by Jimmy Rodriguez on

I had an interesting time when I first learned how to ride a bike. Like most kids, once I was ready to ride without training wheels my father would hold me and eventually let go. I was happy that I was finally good enough to ride without training wheels. I rode for about forty-five minutes straight so my father eventually left me in confidence that I knew what I was doing. unfortunately, the breaks were not working so I did not know how to stop. As I rode along a side walk I had two options, fall to my left where there is a nice field of grass, or fall to my right were there are parked cars. I choose the right and hit the parked car.. I will never forget this hilarious adventure.

Submitted by Chandler Tucker on

Bicycles are such a great invention that can be a great convenience for anyone of any age. Everytime I go to the beach during the summer I always make sure I have a bike because of how useful and easy they are to use. You never have to worry about there not being enough parking spots for them. Having a bike is also cheaper because you don't have to refuel it or anything it's all based on you. Bicycles also help people because it is a great form of cardio that does not put much strain on your joints because there is no impact involved. You can always see children riding on bikes because they are not yet old enough to drive and it's just an easy form of transportation for them. One of the biggest upsides aloof a bike is that they are relatively cheap compared to other forms of transportation!

Submitted by Chandler Tucker on

Bicycles are such a great invention for anyone of any age to use! My personal experiences with bicycles have always been fun and happy ones. I always remember being at beach with my bike because it was just easier not having to deal with a car. Bicycles are making it easy for everyone to get around without having to produce so much pollution like the cars and buses that we use today. One of the biggest upsides of bikes are that they are an amazing form of cardio, you can burn many calories while keeping your joints and muscles from getting hurt because there is little to no impact. What is probably the biggest advantage of a bicycle is that it is relatively cheap compared to all these expensive cars!

Submitted by Chandler Tucker on

Having a bicycle is something that I believe anyone of any age can do! I personally have only had great memories with my bicycles. Every time I went to the beach I would make sure that I aways had a bicycle because of how convenient they are and how easy to use they can be. Bicycles are a great alternative to cars because of how great for the environment they are since they produce no pollution. Not only are they convenient they are also a great source of exercise for people. Biking is one of the best forms of cardio because you can bike for a long period of time while also working hard, it also has little to no impact on your joints which is great. One of the biggest upsides about bikes is that they are so cheap compared to all the cars of todays society.

Submitted by Youssra Khalil on

Back in Egypt, when I was a little child who turned ten never knew how to the ride the bicycle, until my father has made a vow to teach me the proper way which turned into a disaster. Perhaps my experience was fun despite the fact that I have a lot of bruises left on my knees, but I love the satisfaction I receive rather than sitting in the car and driving behind the wheel.

Submitted by Peter Yuen on

Now a days, we all bond indirectly through each other, through our phones and computers. We are growing as an society where we interact with others less and less. Biking is not only an exercise but it allows us to be able to stay connected with our environments, friends and families. Earlier this year, my friend and I just randomly out of no where for no reason decided to bike all the way to Sugarloaf Mountain, we did "some" research seeing how far we are going, how long, how much water we should get, etc. His parents were like are you guys stupid, because we haven't exercise in since we were in high school. We thought, actually, I thought we could make it there and back but it was just me being very enthusiastic about it. It said it would only take a total of 4 hours to get there and back, so why not? But turns out we were very out of shape, took a wrong route for an hour because I missed a call on the gps, and there were plenty of hills to bike up and not enough downhills to cruise down, and we took an water break every 2 minutes or so? We both finished all of our waters in less than 2 hours, 2 hours was less than half of our trip and we ran out of water, so we started to take it slow and easy. When we finally made it to Sugarloaf Mountain, they said no bikes allowed so we locked our bikes and started hiking, we got to the very top but when we were trying to get back down we got lost again with 6 other people trying to go back down and they were lost with us, it took us like 2 hours to get back down, so we called his parents to arrange for a pickup cause we were literally dead when we got back down to our bikes. When we got back to our bikes, my friend noticed why he was going so slow this entire time because his back tire wasn't straight, so it kept on hitting the breaks. We left the house at 9AM and came back at 8PM, he says we are never going to do it again but we are, JUST FOR FUN! You'll be surprised with what you see on a trip like mine, you notice more around you than just texting or driving.

Submitted by Andy Roman on

Bicycling is such a great activity. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also an excellent way to exercise and have fun while doing it. I remember growing up that I was always dragged along to music festivals my parents wanted to go to. I never enjoyed the time I had there since I was a kid with nothing to do and no where to go. Sure the music was relaxing, but when no one was on stage I got extremely bored. Then this one time my dad brought home a mountain gear bike with several gears; I was ecstatic! Now, when we traveled to music festivals, I would ride my bike around, greeting people and having fun all while making new friends and new experiences. Having a bike really opened me up and it helped make me the social person I am today. Bikes changed me; I am sure they can (continue) to change the world. **ring-ring**

Submitted by Bemnet Erbeto on

It was a very exiting for me when I first learn how to ride a bicycle. It had took three day of practice. I was about 15 years old when I tried to learn how to ride. It would have been fun if I know how to ride in a early age. At 15 age I was ashamed of not knowing how to ride and one of my friend thought me the basic techniques . It was a short journey and now I can keep riding freely and happily.

Submitted by Aj Harrison on

Thanks to my mom I learned how to ride a bicycle when I was 6 years old. I remember I didn't want to at all, I was a lazy kid. I just wanted to stay home and watch tv or draw. My mom would always tell me it's good for you and it's good to know how to ride a bike. I would always ignore it until I eventually learned how to ride my bike without its trainer wheels. It was a long process but definietly worth it. I felt free from being home all day and eventually I was able go biking with some family members from rockville to Washington dc. That was a lot of fun and it actually takes some stress away. Later in my life, I needed my bike to go to highschool in the mornings. I was able to get to class on time because of my bike. Im so thankful that my mom taught me how to ride a bike and everyone who is able to ride one should once in a while. It's amazing what good it can do to you. Also since there's a lot of cars and traffic now a days, there definitely should be a bicycle day. Where everyone can ride their bicycles on the street without being afraid of crazy drivers and this would be very helpful for the environment.

Submitted by Michelle Lopez on

I learned how to ride a bike when I was 7 and I would always ride around my neighborhood, it was always fun and was great exercise. Riding my bicycle made me happy, it was exciting and exhilarating, i would spend all afternoon riding it. There are so many benefits of bicycles it's better for the environment, it's a good form of exercise and its fun, which is why there should be a national bicycle day! To celebrate all these great contributions the bicycle has. I do believe though that it's would be hard to transition places to ride more bicycles as a full form of transportation because our society is so focused on doing things as fast as they can and never stopping, just imagine if someone who commuted from Rockville to DC how long would it take them to get there if they rode their bike. I think it's a great idea that people could use the bikes as a form of transportation but with people wanting to do things faster I personally don't know if it would work considering that most people don't work close to home. Maybe taking little steps like riding your bicycle to the store instead of your car. I think bicycle are great and deserved to be appreciated at least once a year.

Submitted by Courtney Disonglo on

It was a nice night in the Philippines, my aunt and I decided to go for a bike ride to 7/11. As we rode our bikes and feeling the cool air; we began to race each other. We were going so fast we passed 7/11 and just circled our way home. By the time we reached the house we were sweating, panting, and laughing. I had so much fun because of bicycling I could feel and experience more of the environment than in a car and watch everything go by. There definitely should be a bicycle day so we can improve human health as well as the Environment.

Submitted by Elisia George on

I really do like bicycles but unfortunately I can't ride one. It's not for not having the desire to do so. The tragic death of my childhood friend when we were both learning to ride the bicycle at 7 years of age has traumatized me to the point that every time I attempt to even consider getting on a bike I shudder at the very thought. I would happily support "World Bicycle Day". I believe that others should have the pleasure of enjoying it's benefits which are quite enjoyable and rewarding, even if my only enjoyment of it is confined to the walls of a gym.

Submitted by Dayanne Pareja on

Fun Fact: riding a bike through a foreign county is on my bucket list. In today's society riding bikes to a friend’s house or just for fun is quite rare to see. I remember as a kid riding my bike with neighborhood friends and trying to see who could look more like a pro-x biker. I have a lot of memories with riding bikes and it sucks that a lot of kids today are missing out. Imagine just you and a bike; riding to god knows where, on a spring morning with not a worry in the world. If you ask me, that sounds like the best thing ever. If you really think about it bikes are probably one of the best things invented, there fun, convenient, a great exercise, and a great way to make memories. We really do take them for granted, and I feel like especially in the U.S people are so busy trying to get from point A to Point B as fast as possible. Daily commute has become just another stressor and no one ever takes the time to just stop for a moment and look around.

Submitted by Rosemary Jones on

Bicycles are by far one of the worlds greatest inventions. Something that is good for you physically, can help relieve stress mentally, and can keep money in your pockets. If you ask me I think this deserves to be celebrated. With computers, cars, and public transportation advancing rapidly its hard to remember the simple things, the place where we started when it came to transportation. Other countries still find a day to stop and appreciate the history of something that started so small and became something so great so why don't we do the same. Bicycle riding doesn't have an age limit something that we can all share is the passion we have to cycling!

Submitted by Marlena Tan on

One of my most memorable childhood memories was when I was ten years old. I was riding my bike around the neighborhood and I was going down a hill. I braked and hit a rock. I ended up flying off my bike and slid across the street. I scrapped my face, chest, arms, legs, and got a wood chip stuck an inch deep in my knee. My neighbor saw what had happened and carried me home. I wasn't taken to the ER, but instead was treated at home. Four of my family members had to hold me down while my grandma applied Chinese medicine and wrapped my knee with gauze. Although this was a painful experience, what does kill you makes you stronger. Even after this incident, I still rode my bike and I still love biking.

Submitted by Genevive Adukpo on

When I was little my uncle taught me how to ride a bike. To me riding a bike sounds easy, you just get on and you just go right? Wrong! It was very difficult for me because I would always fall off the bike, but that didn't stop me I got up and I try try and try and again on Still I got it right. Now that I am in my youth I enjoy riding my bicycle in the woods because it makes me feel so alive.

Submitted by Fabian mbachu on

I think people all over the world should recognize the unimaginable benefits of using bicycles.In the ages passed,bicycles were basically a major mean of transport. People lived longer then than now.The Advent of industrialisation and the subsequent introduction of cars and trains ushered in an era of divers illnesses,sudden death by accidents and global pollution. Let us go back to the general use of bicycle,this can only give us peace of mind and long life.

Submitted by Ioanna Galani on

That's a very good question ... Why is there no world day for the bicycle? I recall many beautiful memories having a bicycle. I remember the first day that I got a bicycle and I was twelve-years-old. Although I was not experienced enough for riding a bicycle, I wanted a big one because I was stubborn. When I tried to ride it for the first few minutes I felt like a superwoman, but after a while I had to turn it and I fell down. Everybody was laughing with me and I was also laughing with myself, but I stood up and kept riding. I believe that all of us have nice experiences with a bicycle and we learned something from them. Therefore, a world day for the bicycle it would be a good reason for people to call to mind how much fun they had and how much fun they should continue to have by maintaining a healthy well-being and protecting the environment. Bicycle brings joy and laughter to people's lives. So, people keep doing it!

Submitted by Jonathan Garcia Rivera on

Why not? I mean bicycle in my life has been big part of my life especially during my childhood. At the age of 2, I owned my first bicycle. Riding a bicycle brings so many memories. I have so many stories that I been through with bicycle that I cannot even count them. Despite the fact the riding a bicycle is healthy, it so FUN too! I love riding my bicycle. Bicycle is so crucial in my hometown in El Salvador and for me it was because we had a small farm I had to travel there a lot. One time I was riding my brand new bicycle with my cousin. We were both riding my bicycle, I was at front and he was in the back. We were trying to drift around a coconut that it was in our uncle’s house and we tried so many times, but each time we fell. We were 6 to 7 years old and it was so fun for us. The funny part is that about 2 hours later I found out that my loose tooth fell out.

Submitted by Marilyn Hernandez on

I never learned to ride a bike. I had a bike when I was young with training wheels and they never came off. I would really love to learn to ride a bike because it's a great way to exercise. In addition,it saves gas money and it's good for the environment.I agree with the idea of there being a national bike day because it would make a positive impact on America. Imagine just one day where everyone won't drive their cars but instead ride their bikes to work and other places. I'm sure even just one day would make a difference in the world. National bike day is a great proposal.

Submitted by David Thomas on

This article was very interesting and it hit home because bicycles played a huge role in my childhood. I learned how to ride a bike by the age of 6 and ever since then I've always been on the run. When i would take rides through my neighborhood i would always meet someone who had a cool bike or wanted ride along with me. The impact that bicycles have on human is very underrated. bicycles allowed people to interact in a more effective way. When my parents first met, my father wooed my mother with his bicycle and even tried to teach her, after many failed attempts they gave up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had great times with my bikes, and maybe we should appreciate it making a national holiday !

Submitted by Bin Feng on

Bicycle becomes a good form of exercise today, but it was a very popular mode of transport. In my memory, I used to ride bicycle go to school for eight years. I still remember the day that my father teach me how to ride a bike. He tied a long stick behind the bike. At the beginning, I just went forward while he was holding that stick. After a while, I was very excited that riding bike is not hard than I thought, but he had already released the stick. Then, I was super nervous after I realized that my father wasn’t there. Finally, I hit the kerbside and hurt myself. After all, I was proud that I learned that so fast even I hurt myself. I think the process of learning ride a bike is very memorable, and I wish other people have the same experience. In addition, bicycle does not bring any pollution when there are too many cars on the road today.

Submitted by Alex Torres on

I never liked bicycles. There were times when I used one to get around a city but for the most part I found them annoying. Maybe because I lived most of my life in Alabama were the heat and humidity made it impractical to ride a bike to school or work. What I find most annoying are the bike riders that think they don't have to follow the rules of the road.

Submitted by Joesene on

I can remember the first time I attempt to ride a bike. I was only five. I didn't owned a bike but my 13 years old brother did, so he decided to teach me to ride his bike. He sat me down onto the bike and let go. He did he so fast and swiftly that I panicked and almost falled, but luckily he was running closely beside the bike. So he catched me before I falled. I don't ride that often from then but I love and appreciate bicycles. Woman gain strength through bicycles and almost any age can ride one.

Submitted by Negar Manafpour on

I will never forget the day learnt to ride a bike. I was about eight years old and my father was the one who taught me. As a child, I was always afraid of even thinking about riding a bike because I thought I would not be able to keep my balance when riding. However, after that evening I learnt how to ride a bike, biking became my hobby and it still remains a favourite activity for me today. Bicycles have a long history and it is sad to know that there is no special day dedicated to it despite the fact that many people from different generations, from all around the world can relate to it. It is also interesting that biking is not only a hobby or a sport, biking is a great way for transportation as well.

Submitted by Noura Anani on

I feel like bikes must be apart of a kid's childhood. I remember when first trying to ride a bike it was difficult. Falling down and what not, but I don't remember it being an unpleasant memory, but a good one. I used to pretend my bike would take me to outer space or it was a motorcycle. It's a shame that in the entire world not many people ride bikes. What happened to them being the coolest ride ever? Cars that's what happened. Bikes aren't just for children, but for everyone and why not? The rush of wind blowing in your face is an amazing feeling.

Submitted by Min Ji Kim on

I have good memory about bicycle. When i was in kindergarten, my mother taught me how to ride a bicycle. Fisrt i started to ride a bike, i practiced with four wheel bike. It was easy to ride. One day, i wanted to ride a real two wheel bike. I asked my mom to take off training wheels and i practiced with it. However, it was really hard to ride. I was definitly give up, but my mother cheered me up. I practiced and practiced for few times and finally i did it. I rode my bike at the hill and it helped me to go down withiut falling. I was very proud of me and told my mother. Like my experience, everyone will have their own experience about bicycle. It is also good for our society and environment. It made our world colse and healthy. I love bicycle!

Submitted by zheng yang on

I remembered the year when I was 6, my dad bought me my first bike. Because I had never tried, I thought it was going to the end of the world to me. I refused to get on the bike, but my dad had never stopped trying to convince me. Few days later, I got on the bike. At beginning, one hand held the handle,and the other hand held on the wall. It was not that bad at all. After few days of practicing, I finally can ride my bike. I felt successful at that moment, and so did my dad.

Submitted by Karen Reyes on

The bicycle is one of the greatest inventions ever made, but yet it's something very unappreciated. It gets us from point A to point B and keeps us healthy. They also give us memories. When we think about our childhood, one of our milestones as a kid is when we learn to ride the bike. I remember when I learned how to ride the bike like if it were yesterday. My father worked on a farm which was right next door to my house. So my brother and I would go over to the farm with our bikes so that our father would teach us how to ride them. When he had the time during his lunch break my dad would try to teach us. My brother got the hang of it first,and I was still trying to get the hang of it. I wanted to give up. On this farm there is a hill. My brother was going up and don the hill having fun while I was getting frusturated that I couldn't get the hang of it still. So my dad told me to get on the bike and to look at my brother having fun riding down the hill. Wothout warning I felt a push on my back, and all I could remember was screaming and holding on for dear life. The awesome thing was that I didn't fall. I kept on riding. From that moment on my brother and I kept on riding the whole day. The bicycle is more than just a source of transportation. They bring memories and happiness.

Submitted by Joshua Trejos on

Riding a bike is historical. It's one of the first skills we learn as a kid. When I first learned how to ride a bike, I taught myself because my parents were always busy, and I would always see my cousin riding his bike. I didn't want to be that one kid who didn't know how to ride a bike. A bike to me, was means of transportation, it allowed my cousin and I to go off on long adventures to various parks. There is one memory I won't forget because my cousin and I were both jerks. We were both going downhill on our bikes and my cousin gets so close behind me that his front wheel is literally grinding on my back wheel. Then a split second later he loses control on the bike and head straight for a mailbox and I go face first into a bush. When looking back at that, I just laugh because there was nothing good coming from that.

Submitted by Victoria Amaguana on

Truth: my 7 year old brother taught me how to ride a bike when I was 5...My dad was always busy with fixing stuff;either our cars or stuff around the house. Of course my dad would try to teach me and push me with out letting go, etc, but my brother was the one who actually taught me how to ride a bike! To be completely honest I think thats probably the last time we bonded so well! The next biggest factor a bike played in my life was trying to teach my 39 years old, at the time, mother how to ride a bike! I was convinced that if my brother could teach me, then I could surely teach her! That didn't go as planned. Point being, I wish there was a world bike day! For many reasons, but most of which because it would bring so many people together! Not to mention all the cool photo opportunities.

Submitted by Nancy Le on

Interesting question, really, why isn't there a national day for bicycles? We have national days for desserts such a national carrot cake day, national cream puff day, national chocolate covered cherry day and this list goes on. We're not really promoting a healthy lifestyle. With a bicycle day, we'll be emphasizing healthier habits like getting people to get out and exercise by riding, instead of driving. Reducing emissions while burning calories. You can't really go wrong there. I, myself, do not know how to ride a bicycle because I never had the time to learn or anyone to teach me, but if be more than willing to for the cause. Beats sitting in traffic any day!

Submitted by Natalia Jallorina on

Riding bicycle was my part of my childhood. In the Philippines, we don't use training wheels for the first time. My mom would hold me until I learned to ride it by myself. Therefore, I had so many scar in my knee and feet because I fall down in the street most of the time. Those scars were the memories of my childhood and I'm glad that I learned how to ride a bike.

Submitted by Maryline happy on

I wish I knew how to ride a bicycle. Today, I am a little bit scare to learn how to ride one. However, it is a nice tool to have fun with or to do sport. In the past, it was used more than cars. Not only is it a sport instrument , it also causes less pollution. The main disadvantage I believe is that it is not that secure. While riding it you are exposed to more dangers than a car for example.

Submitted by Kimberly Ampuero on

Bicycles are one of the oldest forms of transportation that still exist. I learned how to ride a bicycle when I was around 12 back in Chile. My cousins taught me and decided to stay about 5 feet away from me. I fell about 6 times because I couldn't get the balance straight. I think balance is one of the hardest things to get right when learning. I finally learned and we went from my house to a convenient store about 3 miles away. With time I had forgotten the balance of riding a bike and had to basically learn once again! I know how to ride a bike now but I had a lot difficulty!!

Submitted by dustin clark on

this article made me think back to when i first started riding a bicycle, i was only 9 years old and i loved shrek so much i had all of the merchandise and movies that were out at the time. all year i had been bugging my mom for a shrek bicycle it was all that i wanted. my mom had told me that i was a little overzealous about shrek borderline fanatic, but deep in my heart of hearts i knew that she was just jealous of my devotion to shrek. being as how i had no father and we were a low income family my mom had told me that she could not afford the shrek bicycle. this obviously upset me, long story short on christmas day i was the happiest kid alive when i had found that satanclause had left a brand new shrek bike under the tree for me it took me about 3 years to learn how to ride without training wheels. but thats my story about getting my first bike.

Submitted by Kevin Wynn on

When I first learned how to ride a bike, it was a long and arduous process. As I learned how to keep it upright, it taught me that if you keep pushing you'll eventually keep going faster and farther than before. The bike has taught me so much about life. The world has been pushed farther and faster with the invention of the bicycle. We should have a holiday about the bicycle. The bicycle is very important cause it is the freedom of transportation. That's all I have to say about that.

Submitted by Kimberly Ampuero on

Bicycles are one of the oldest forms of transportation that still exist. I learned how to ride a bicycle when I was 12 back in Chile. My cousins taught me and stayed 4 feet away from me so I can learn on my own. I learned on my own.. Fell about 6 times and scraped my knee. After I got the hang of the balance we went from my house to a convenient store that was about 3 miles away. After that day I didn't get on a bike for another 2 years and I forgot how to balance myself again and had to start from square one once again. I finally have the hang of it and I don't fall anymore! :)

Submitted by Catherine Moses on

I ride my bike almost every day in the spring and summer (although I do admit to giving up when it gets cold in the fall), and I see so many people riding their bikes to work every day. Around where I live, there are even bike sharing stations! Until I read this article, I was under the impression that there was an international bike day. We have international days for...well, almost anything. Bikes are awesome! They conserve energy, they keep people healthy, and they're just so efficient! I really hope this changes, and I'm sure all the bikers out there do, too!

Submitted by Leticia Vasconez on

While I was reading this article the slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle" came to mind. Many people think of recycling plastic, paper, and compost as the main things we can do to reduce the toxins in our ecosystem. What most people forget about is how you can also go green and "recycle" by trading in driving your car everyday to maybe biking twice a week. The article mentioned how if everyone slowly traded in their regular form of transportation like cars, buses, etc. to biking then it could cut a tenth of transport emissions of carbon dioxide and could also reduce costs for road work and public transportation maintenance. Having a world bicycle day is an amazing idea and I can't believe we didn't already have one! If we want to move towards a more "green" and clean ecosystem then we should definitely advocate and promote this World Bicycle Day! It would be of great benefit for future generations :)

Submitted by Karen Lane on

Bike lanes are crucial. These need to be included right from when new roads are built. Plus education for other road users, pedestrians and cyclists on the rights and responsibilities of everyone sharing the road.

Submitted by Fabian mbachu on

After reading this article, I began to see how far the world has changed.I saw how our social life has taken a dramatic turn.In the early days of our fore father's,bicycles and donkeys were the major means of transport,there were no cars,no trains, no aeroplanes and yet nations across the globe had strong economies and people lived longer then.Across countries, bicycles provided conducive platform for easy trade,sport activities were carried out on bicycles.Even teachers rode bicycles to school,business executives,all rode bicycles.I remember wheny own father used to carry me and my younger brother to church.We enjoyed riding dike.
Even then,there were no accidents on the roads.There were no incidents of road rage which has resulted to the death of millions of law abiding citizens of America.The Advent industrialization which ushered in fast moving cars and aeroplanes have obviously,caused the death of countless people.I love bicycles and it is my wish that we all return to the use of bicycles,for leisure,for business and obviously for sports.and untill then,the entire universe may not see an end to death on our streets and on our high ways.

Submitted by Alex Torres on

With so many people around the world utilizing bicycles for transportation, sport, and leisure, why not give the bicycle its own day?

Submitted by Daniel Bailer on

After reading this article, I became very motivated to start riding my own bike again. Not only could if save money in the long run, but it's also good exercise! So many people have turned to cars for the easy quick way to their destination, but with all of the new cars on the road, traffic becomes so congested that it might be easier walking. Bikes should become the next big thing with its own national holiday, and it should be promoted with the construction of more bike routes.

Submitted by Leslie on

Bicycle riding should be a thing again. Save us money, and keep us healthy!!

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