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Equity and Development: Need to increase equality of opportunity to all citizens

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Equity is defined as equality of opportunity or equality in access to goods and services. Inequities between boys and girls in educational access, between males and females in access to credit and job opportunities, inequities between the poor and the rich in access to land, education, essential health, water and other services, all have a bearing on poverty reduction. In other words, a person's life prospects should not be influenced by circumstances of birth, gender, race, family wealth and class or creed.

Policy Implications of a nonlinear relationship between aid, debt and GDP growth

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Aid and Growth Nexus.  Dollar and Burnside (2000) argue that aid positively influences long term growth in countries with good policy environment.  This is intuitively correct because we all accept that humanitarian assistance by averting crises and human suffering is generally considered.  In addition, no one can deny that building schools, hospitals, roads and power plants and paying teachers, doctors, nurses and engineers under aid projects complements private investment and contributes to overall human development, growth and development.  But, there