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Strategic Environmental Assessment Toolkit

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SEA Toolkit


This Toolkit provides practical guidance and useful information to prepare and develop SEAs. It comprises four components. The Basic Information section presents an overview of SEA issues, including the SEA concept and how SEA can add value to policy making, planning and Bank’s operations. It aims to help sector and SEA specialists, and task managers on deciding whether an SEA is needed, the type of SEA that best fits their needs and the key issues that need to be taken into account in formulating and implementing SEAs. The section on Sectors compiles relevant sector SEA information as per the Bank's sector structure. This section comprises a number of good practice SEAs, manuals and guidance, and case studies at the fingertips of SEA practitioners. The section on Tools provides state of the art methods and techniques to apply in the design and implementation of SEAs, including complementary practical information on samples of SEA terms of reference, sources available to fund SEAs in Bank's projects, SEA training materials and links to relevant SEA sites. Finally, the toolkit includes a section on the World Bank's Pilot Program on Institution-centered SEA that presents the program's rationale, components and outputs. This section is open to feedback and comments from users.





The SEA Toolkit is managed by staff at the Institutions and Governance Team, Environment Department, World Bank. Practitioners are requested to send information relating to ongoing SEA work to Fernando Loayza ( to keep the information available in this site current and up-to-date.





The Environment Department is grateful to the government of Japan for their support in developing this toolkit and the governments of Norway, Finland and the Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development (TFESSD) for their support in continuously updating this toolkit.

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