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India: Projects, Programs, and Results
Rush hour traffic at Haji Ali, one of Mumbai’s busiest intersections, could have been worse. The rapid growth of the city where more than 300-350 vehicles get added to the roads everyday has brought with it problems of traffic management. Desperate for solutions, the city has now put its faith in technology. As part of the World Bank-supported Mumbai Urban Transport Project or MUTP, a modern traffic management system is being introduced that is quietly reducing congestion on city roads.

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Project Highlights
Snapshots that illustrate the World Bank's work and the positive impact of development projects in India.


- Rural Roads
With little scope for new rail, river or air connections, good roads are vital for Mizoram's development.

Rural roads are revitalizing village economies in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

- Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)
Mumbai introduces modern traffic management systems.

- Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)
The MUTP is carrying out much-needed improvements to Mumbai’s rail and road infrastructure.

- Resettlement under MUTP
Resettling the displaced is an unprecedented exercise in improving the lives of the urban poor.

- Building State Highways in Andhra Pradesh
A new inter-state highway linking Hyderabad with Chennai has brought prosperity to the remote regions.


- Empowering the Poor in Tamil Nadu
The livelihoods and quality of life of the rural poor, particularly women and other disadvantaged groups, is being improved.

- Reclaiming Saline Lands in Uttar Pradesh
Large tracts of saline lands in UP have been rendered fertile, boosting productivity and raising farmers' incomes.

- Better Crops, Higher Incomes in Dry Watershed Lands of Karnataka
Degraded lands have been brought under cultivation and farm yields have risen in the drought-prone regions of Karnataka.

- Restoring Rain Water Reservoirs - Tanks - in Karnataka
Rural communities in the poorest and driest districts are restoring traditional rain water reservoirs - known locally as tanks - to increase the productivity of their land.

- Computerizing Land Records in Karnataka
With World Bank assistance, 20 million land records have been computerized, benefiting 6.7 million farmers in Karnataka.

- Improving Agriculture in Assam
Tubewells and community-managed irrigation systems extend farming season in Assam, farmers' incomes rise significantly.

- Reversing the Degradation of Natural Resources in the Lower Himalayas
Farmers in the lower Himalayan regions of Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and J&K have conserved soil and water, improved drinking water supply, and built roads and bridges.


- Bringing Water Connections to Rural Households in Kerala
Women who spent hours collecting water are now getting water in their homes.


- Small and Medium Enterprises
The World Bank is financing the SME sector in India to increase job creation.


- Eliminating Leprosy
Access to diagnosis and treatment services has increased, particularly for the poorest, cutting leprosy cases in half between 1993 and 2000.

- Controlling TB
Remarkable progress is being made in controlling the spread of tuberculosis - a leading cause of illness and death in adults in India.

- Reducing the Incidence of Cataract by more than half
The World Bank has been a leading partner in India’s efforts to address cataract blindness with a special focus on women and those living in tribal and remote areas.


- Rebuilding After the Tsunami
Helping to rebuild lives and livelihoods after the 2004 tsunami.
Project Profiles
Examples of how people in India are working with the World Bank to transform their own lives today and set the stage for a brighter future.

India: Tsunami Relief
Participation: When hundreds of thousands of tsunami survivors lost homes and livelihoods in the Indian fishing villages of Cuddalore, no proof of ownership made compensation seem impossible.
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Bihar Rural Livelihood Project Additional Financing India
Active 31-MAY-2012
Rajasthan Agricultural Competitiveness Project India
Active 27-MAR-2012
India: Secondary Education Project India
Active 22-MAR-2012
National Dairy Support Project India
Active 15-MAR-2012
Assam State Roads Project India
Active 13-MAR-2012
IN - Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project Additional Financing India
Active 08-MAR-2012
India: Uttar Pradesh Health Systems Strengthening Project (UPHSSP) India
Active 20-DEC-2011
North East Rural Livelihoods Project (NERLP) India
Active 20-DEC-2011
Tamil Nadu Empowernment and Poverty Reduction Project : TA Disability India
Active 19-DEC-2011
Second Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Jalanidhi II) India
Active 15-DEC-2011
TA to Enhance Financial Access through Technology in Andhra Pradesh, India India
Active 14-OCT-2011
Rampur Hydropower Project - Carbon Finance India
Active 06-OCT-2011
West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation India
Active 04-OCT-2011
Capacity Building for Urban Local Bodies-NURM India
Active 21-JUL-2011
National Rural Livelihoods Project India
Active 05-JUL-2011
Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project India
Active 30-JUN-2011
Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor - I India
Active 31-MAY-2011
National Ganga River Basin Project India
Active 31-MAY-2011
Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihoods Improvement Project India
Active 17-MAY-2011
Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihoods Improvement India
Active 17-MAY-2011
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