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Agriculture and Rural Development
Sector Brief : Agriculture
Feature : JIYO – Improving the Livelihoods of Rural Artisans in India, Apr 2010
Report : Horticulture: From Competing at Home to Competing Abroad, Apr 2007
Interview : What Can be Done to Renew Indian Agriculture?, Feb 2007
Feature : Land Records Online, May 2004
Sector Brief : Education in India
Primary Education
Overview : Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Feature : Primary Education for All, Mar 2010
Feature : With more girls in school, Rajasthan’s old social order is changing, Oct 2009
Results Profile : India: Making Elementary Education Universal, Sep 2009
FAQs : SSA: India's Education for All Program, Aug 2008
Feature : How “Bollywood” Music Videos Are Boosting Literacy, Nov 2003
Secondary Education
: Expanding secondary education is critical, Nov 2009
Report : Secondary Education in India: Universalizing Opportunity
Technical Education
Feature : Transforming Technical Education in India, Mar 2010
Results Profile : Promoting Technical Excellence, Feb 2010
Results Profile : Access to Technical Education in India, Jun 2007
Sector Brief : Environmental Management in India
Report : Strategies for Low Carbon Growth
Feature : Saving the Fragile Ecology in Himachal Pradesh, Jul 2009
Report :

Climate Change Impacts in Drought and Flood-Affected Areas, May 2009

FAQ : Climate Change, April 2008
Report : Strengthening Institutions for Sustainable Growth, Apr 2007
Feature : What Makes Environmental Sustainability the Next Great Challenge for India?, Jan 2007
Feature : Responding Quickly to the Gujarat Earthquake in India, Sep 2002
Sector Brief : Gender in India
Sector Brief : Health, Nutrition and Population, Apr 2007
Report : Health Care Waste Management, Lessons from Experience, Apr 2005
Report : India’s Undernourished Children, May 2006
Project Update :

Reducing Malnutrition in Tamil Nadu, Jul 2002

Maternal and Infant Mortality
Feature : Tamil Nadu Reduces Infant and Maternal Mortality, Apr 2010
Feature : Piloting an Integrated Approach to Child Development, Oct 2008
Project Background : Reproductive and Child Health II, August 2006
Project Update : Improving Reproductive and Child Health, Nov 2003
Feature : Malaria – New Approach in Battle Against Complex Disease, Apr 2010
Feature : Controlling Malariaand Eradicating Kala Azar and Polio, Sept 2008
Feature : New Approach to Malaria Control, Jul 2008
Project Update : Controlling Malaria in India, Apr 2005
Feature : India's Tuberculosis Program Provides Hope to Millions, Apr 2010
Feature : Fighting Tuberculosis in India, Dec 2007
Results Profile : India: Cataract Blindness Control Project, Sep 2008
Results Profile : India: Second National Leprosy Project, Sep 2008
Project Update : India Makes Final Assault on Polio, Apr 2004
Project Update : Bringing Health Care and Education Programs to the Slums, Jul 2002
Sector Brief : HIV/AIDS in India
Feature : Sex worker-run Restaurant Fights Stigma and Discrimination in Mysore
Competition : Development Marketplace 2008: To fight stigma and discrimination against people with HIV / AIDS
Project Brief : Prevention Measures Stem the Spread of HIV/AIDS
Conference : Tackling HIV
Feature : Corporate Responses to HIV/AIDS, Jul 2007
Project : 3rd National HIV/AIDS Control Project, Jul 2007
Report :

HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention, Aug 2004

 FAQs Dec 2011 :  Mariam Claeson talks about the current status of AIDS control in India 
Sector Brief : Hydropower Development in India
Sector Brief : India’s Power Sector, 2010
Feature : A POWERGRID, A Partnership Beyond Expectations, May 2008
Results Profile : India Electrification, March 2010
Report : Options for Low Carbon Development, Dec 2009
Project : Coal-Fired Generation Rehabilitation Project, June 2009
Feature :

Environmental Issues in the Power Sector, Feb 2004

Sector Brief : Transportation in India
Feature : Upgraded road opens up Mizoram’s far-flung and poor interior, July 2010
Feature : Rural Roads Open Up New Opportunities in Himachal and Rajasthan,
April 2008
Feature : India: Mumbai Urban Transport Project, Oct 2007
Results Profile : Gujarat, India, Highway Improvements, Apr 2010
Results Profile : New All-Weather Roads Boost Rural Incomes, Sept 2009
Sector Brief : Urbanization in India
Report :

Public Financial Management and Accountability in Urban Local Bodies,
Jan 2008

Feature : World Bank Helps Train New Breed of Professional Urban Managers,
Nov 2006
Sector Brief : Water Sector in India
Report : Groundwater, A Valuable but Diminishing Resource, Mar 2010
Report : India’s Water Economy: Bracing for a Turbulent Future, Oct 2005
Feature :

Indus Waters Treaty 1960, Apr 2010

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Sector Brief : Rural Water Supply
Results Profile : Uttarakhand Rural Water Supply Project, Sep 2009
Results Profile : Karnataka Watershed Development Project, Mar 2007
Feature : Higher Incomes in India's Karnataka Watershed, Mar 2007
Feature : A Self-help Story: Kerala villagers put water on tap, Oct 2006
Report :

Bridging the Gap between Water Supply Infrastructure and Service, Jan 2006

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
Sector Brief : Urban Water Supply
Poverty and Empowerment
Report :

Moving Out of Poverty, June 2009

Reconstruction after a Disaster
Feature :

One Year After Tsunami, Dec 2005

South - South Cooperation
Feature : What can Africa learn from India's IT miracle?, Dec 2008
Feature : Can India’s Dairy Revolution be Repeated in Africa?, Oct 2008
Report : People with Disabilities in India, From Commitments and Outcomes,
Nov 2007
Feature : Small and Medium Enterprises: India's Engines of Growth, Mar 2010
Andhra Pradesh
Feature : Villages in Andhra Pradesh innovate to fight drought and climate change,
Apr 2010
Feature : An Innovative Way of Sharing Diminishing Groundwater, Mar 2010
Feature : Women's Empowerment in Andhra Pradesh, Sept 2007
Feature : A new beginning for girl child laborers in Andhra Pradesh, Jun 2008
Results Profile : Increased Incomes for 8 Million Women in Andhra Pradesh, Feb 2007
Feature : Poor Rural Women's Impressive Enterprise, Oct 2006
Report :

Unlocking Andhra’s Growth Potential, Apr 2004

Feature :

Changing the Contours of Farming in Assam, Oct 2006

Feature : Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project Gives New Lease of Life to Thousands,
Apr 2010
Feature : Bihar – India’s Poorest State – Begins to Turn Around, Mar 2010
Feature : Can Bihar get out of the poverty trap?, Oct 2007
Report : Bihar, A Development Strategy, June 2005
Feature : Restoring the Fertility of Parched Lands in Karnataka, Sept 2007
Report : Orissa in Transition, Jun 2008
Tamil Nadu
Feature : Empowerment and Rural Poverty in Tamil Nadu, Jan 2009
Results Profile : Tamil Nadu Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Project, Sep 2009
Feature : A New Way of Cultivating Rice, Jun, 2008
Uttar Pradesh
Feature : In Uttar Pradesh, Farmers Green Their Barren Lands, Oct 2006

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