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Anne Lauvergeon (L), Chairman of the Executive Board, Areva, France and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (R), Minister of Finance of Nigeria, captured during the session 'Economics of Equality' at the Annual Meeting 2006The World Economic Forum through its Women Leaders Programme is committed to promoting women's leadership and the issues affecting women's lives globally. The mission of the programme is to promote discussion and targeted action on the status of women across the world and across sectors by engaging business leaders, policy-makers and representatives of civil society organizations and by monitoring progress through new benchmarking tools that measure the global gender gap.
Additionally, the Women Leaders Programme strives to increase the participation of women in Forum activities by ensuring their involvement as members in Forum communities and inviting women leaders to be active contributors to the global dialogue.

Women's Empowerment: Measuring the Global Gender Gap
The study by the Women Leaders Programme and the Global Competitiveness Network measures a new dimension of competitiveness. A new benchmarking tool, it measures the relative size of the gender gap in 58 countries, based on economic and political criteria, as well as education and quality of life. Countries that do not capitalize on the full potential of one half of their societies are misallocating their human resources and undermining their competitive potential. The results of the report have been presented at conferences around the world and it been widely used as a reference by businesses, government bodies, academics and the media.
Gender Gap study I Interview with Co-Author Saadia Zahidi

Mentorship Programme
Recognizing the value of role models and mentorship in enhancing leadership skills, particularly for young women, the World Economic Forum is fostering closer ties between upcoming and established women leaders through a Mentorship Programme. The community of Women Leaders interacts with the new Forum of Young Global Leaders at the Annual Meeting, regional events and throughout the year to create mentorship and networking opportunities. The aim is to work towards creating a future business and political environment in which women’s leadership is seen as crucial to addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

Session Summaries
Read summaries of sessions on gender issues held at Annual Meetings and Regional Summits.

Annual Meetings
  • Annual Meeting 2006
    Economics of Equality
    Private events: Changing the Rules, Mentorship Programme, Women’s Empowerment and World Leaders, Investing in Adolescent Girls: A Key to Reducing Poverty
  • Annual Meeting 2005
    Woman and the world in 2020
    Private events: Power for Good, Mentorship Programme, Women World Leaders
  • Annual Meeting 2004
    Why the advancement of women is strategically - not just politically - correct
    Private events: Going Public After Private
  • Annual Meeting 2003
    Arab and Western women: building trust together
    Recognizing and managing diversity
  • Annual Meeting 2002
    Women in the Muslim world

    Regional Summits

  • India Economic Summit 2005
    The gender gap - working together to improve India's competitiveness
  • World Economic Forum in Russia
    The gender gap - working together to improve Russia's competitiveness
  • Africa Economic Summit 2005
    The voice of women: are you listening?
  • World Economic Forum in Jordan 2005
    Images speak a thousand words: women and the media
  • India Economic Summit 2004
    How women are changing India
  • World Economic Forum in Jordan 2004
    Enhancing women's role in Arab economies: Recommendations (PDF; 2 pgs; 64k)
    New face of leadership
  • India Economic Summit 2003
    Do women have a say in the NEPAD?
    Empowerment of women: how can women turn the tide against AIDS?
  • Russia Meeting 2003
    Meet some Russian women leaders
  • India Economic Summit 2003
    A better future for all: women's recommendation
  • Extraordinary Annual Meeting in Jordan 2003
    The empowerment of women
    Building understanding: a dialogue with opinion-makers and intellectuals

    Contact Information
    For further information, please contact womenleaders@weforum.org.

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