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Technology Pioneers

Who are the Technology Pioneers?
Technology Pioneers are companies from around the world that develop and apply the most innovative and transformational technologies in the fields of information technology, renewable energy and biotechnology / health. The work undertaken by these companies holds the promise of significantly affecting the way business and society operate. Each innovation is another step in society's attempt to harness, adapt and utilize technology to change and improve our world. The World Economic Forum identifies between 30 and 50 companies as Technology Pioneers every year.

  • Year of Programme launch: 2000
  • Total Technology Pioneers (incl 2006): 305

    Status of selected Technology Pioneers:

    What are the benefits of being a Technology Pioneer?
    Technology Pioneers are invited to participate in the activities of the World Economic Forum, including the Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, for a period of two years. The Annual Meeting is the premier international event bringing together leaders of business and government from around the world, providing an opportunity for Technology Pioneers to interact with the world’s foremost thought leaders and trendsetters.

    How are Technology Pioneers identified?
    The Forum solicits nominations for the Technology Pioneers programme from Technology Pioneer alumni, Forum members, partners, entrepreneurs, innovators and other technology experts. Individuals with a strong understanding of companies that may qualify as Technology Pioneers are encouraged to submit nominations or to encourage companies to nominate themselves.

    Nominees are short-listed by an internal committee consisting of industry and technology experts. Short-listed nominees are evaluated by an external selection advisory committee comprising technology experts within the specific fields.

    Contact information
    Please write to Soren Bested at techpioneers@weforum.org


    Nominate a company to be a 2007 Tech Pioneer.
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    Deadline for submissions is May 2006.

    Selection Process
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  • 选拔过程


    Tech Pioneers who have progressed to become full members of the Forum include:

    >>Business Objects America
    >>Corel Corporation, Canada
    >>Dr Reddy's Group, India
    >> Google
    >>Groove Networks, USA
    >>IBS Group, Russian Federation
    >>Network Appliance Inc, USA

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