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Global Growth Companies

Global Growth Companies are companies that demonstrate a clear potential to become leaders in the global economy.

With the mission to enable emerging multi-nationals to develop into the next generation of global champions and become a major force driving economic development, the World Economic Forum will establish the Community of Global Growth Companies.

Membership in the Community of Global Growth Companies will offer an unparalleled opportunity for business leaders to gain a unique understanding of the key developments in industry, society and geopolitics that will have the greatest impact on their future success.

Membership Profile

Membership criteria are based on a combination of a company’s business model, growth record, leadership and the markets it serves. Global Growth Companies include:

· Established companies in emerging markets currently expanding outside their traditional boundaries
· Emerging companies experiencing rapid growth on the basis of technological innovation
· Proven entrepreneurial companies in the early stages of going global
· Leading companies with strength in a particular niche and a global reach

Activities of Community of Global Growth Companies

The Global Industry Summit will serve as an annual meeting of Global Growth Companies and the group’s flagship event. The Summit will bring together CEOs and senior executives, top political leaders and the World Economic Forum’s top experts and leaders of industry to address the principal challenges facing Global Growth Companies.

The Experience Exchange Group will bring together senior executives in specific roles (i.e. CFOs, CTOs/CIOs and CMOs) and world-class experts to address the unique needs of Global Growth Companies in strategic areas such as financing, branding, etc.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact ggc@weforum.org

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