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Global Foundation Leaders

This consultative group gives advice on World Economic Forum activities in the area of corporate contributions to society - or social investing.

Forum activities include discussions on the role of social investing to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world. In response to a growing interest in international giving, the World Economic Forum and the Synergos Institute work in partnership to increase awareness and provide World Economic Forum members with information on current best practices in this field.

Global Giving Matters, a monthly newsletter on global philanthropy, is a result of this partnership, as is an ongoing series of discussions organized for donors at the Forum's Annual Meeting and regional summits.

Contact us

For more information on the Global Foundation Leaders, please write to foundationleaders@weforum.org

  Point of View
"Meeting those you are trying to serve or collaborate with is essential, whether the programmes are in your own backyard or around the globe."

Patricia Q. Stonesifer, Co-Chairman and President, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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 Issue 23 September 2005 (11pgs; 153k)
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