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Practical experience shows that the costs of corruption and mis-governance are enormous in terms of political stability, as well as on social and economic development. Meanwhile an efficient and transparent governance promotes growth and well-being. However, government authorities, political leaders, civil society representatives and private sector leaders seldom have the opportunity to meet and join efforts to analyze and deeply discuss the multiple dimensions and determinants that cultivate a strong and transparent governance with no corruption.

The governance and anti-corruption program, uses a novel approach, putting together knowledge and practical experience. It takes into account national requirements in the fight against corruption and looks for consensus building processes to design public policies tailored to the country’s specificities. This program is two-fold; (i) provides concrete tools to design, improve and implement action programs to fight corruption and improve governance; and (ii) creates an environment in which participants from different segments of society can work together to review results of successful (and unsuccessful) practices and reforms.

Successful anti-corruption programs depend on publicly available information, political leadership, and collective action. By stressing these components and through its integrative logic, this program has been able to respond to client-country demand and to provide innovative, action-oriented, non-lending activities illustrating a new way of doing business in which the client is in the driver's seat (demand-driven).

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