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Working Papers and Articles

1st Global Forum for Media Development

October 1-3, 2005, representatives from over 300 media support NGOs, independent journalists, broadcasters and media activists took part in the largest ever global gathering of the burgeoning media assistance sector. The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) will take place in Amman, Jordan.

In the past two decades countless new publications, television, radio channels and Internet sites have provided hundreds of millions of people with their first experience of alternatives to state-run media monopolies.  In the next two decades the emergence of independent and public interest media will continue to be crucial in the context of states that remain stalled in their progression to democracies, torn by conflict, or unable to meet the basic needs of their populations.

Strong indigenous media capacity can help meet the needs of audiences facing local and global challenges, a more transparent, information rich world, an increase in democracy and a decrease in the power of governments to repress free speech.

The promotion of free and pluralistic media is critical to the establishment of civil societies in post-authoritarian and post-conflict countries. It is also central to economic and social development, the rule of law and human rights.  In the past two decades, countless new publications, Internet sites, television, radio and satellite television channels have given hundreds of millions of people their first experience with alternatives to state-run media monopolies.  Media proliferation - via broadcasting, print and the Internet - has become a key driver of economic and cultural globalization.

An underlying cause of most of these problems is a lack of communication and cohesion among the various stakeholders. A common meeting ground and forum for discussion and resolution of these issues could have a profound impact on all of these problems.

[Abstract taken from GFMD website at:, accessed on 10/03/05]

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