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For Future and Current Bloggers: Editorial Responsibility and Ethics

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This open participation by all calls for honesty and courtesy. This blog must remain a forum for cordial and constructive discussions, even if certain topics generate controversy! This is why Youthink! is counting on you to comply with its editorial and ethical guidelines.

Youthink! Blog: Editorial and Ethical Guidelines

Youthink! assumes editorial responsibility for this blog and therefore makes all decisions regarding the publication of texts.

- Writings, drawings, and other contributions are subject to the ethics of the press (in particular, no slander or defamation, respect for persons and privacy, no disturbance of public order, incitement to racial hatred, etc.).

- Bloggers shall refrain from engaging in any political, religious, or commercial proselytism, without however renouncing their right to express their opinions.

- Youthink! shall, for its part, respect the diversity of opinions articulated on the blog, having regard, of course, to the values expressed. This is a prerequisite for democratic and editorial credibility.

- All of your contributions will be approved by the Youthink! editorial staff.

- This approval seeks to protect the blog (and you!) against any press offense and ensure compliance with the blog’s guidelines.

- In the event of any problems, the Youthink! editorial team will work with you on the modifications to be made. You may reject these modifications; however, if you so choose, while we respect your wishes, your contribution will not be published.

- In cases where edits or changes are made to your post, the Youthink! editorial team will provide you with the reasons for its decision.

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