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Climate Change: Contests, Conferences and more

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The biggest annual event on climate change recently took place in Pozna?, Poland. The goal of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) was to get participating countries to agree on a concrete plan of action, and pave the way toward reaching an agreement, so that the next meeting, in Copenhagen in December 2009, could bring negotiations to a close. This year, the global financial crisis underscored the urgency for action: The world has to get a handle on climate change before it becomes a global crisis such as the current financial one.

It's everyone's planet, so everyone should have something to say about its changing climate. One way you can join in is by taking part in the International Essay Competition, which focuses on climate change this year. And while you're at it, find out who won last year's competition, and what they wrote about.

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has launched a climate change site for youth. It features competitions, volunteering opportunities, and a Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) project, which is still in the works.

Want to know how other young people around the world are feeling the impacts of climate change? Check out the shortlisted entries for the World Bank's documentary film contest on the Social Dimensions of Climate Change, which included a category for Young Voices of Climate Change. Stay tuned for a Youthink! feature on some of the winning films. In the meantime, connect with other climate connoisseurs on the contest's Facebook Page.

If all that weren't enough, the UN's World Youth Report 2009 will also focus on youth and climate change, and the UN Program on youth is currently seeking input from young people everywhere.

Speaking of youth and climate change, I came across an interesting blog post recently, that described life for youth on the Pacific island of Kiribati, and how climate change is threatening the island's future. Share your thoughts with other young people in the region by joining their Young People for Change Facebook group

Make sure you check out the Youthink! feature this month on Climate Change.


Submitted by Niti1234 on
Climate change is very serious issue we all together have to think about it. we can't depend on the unsuccessful summit like Copenhagen.we as person take this issue seriously and make people aware of effect of climate change.

Submitted by Niti1234 on
Today's climate are changing with high speed.Carbon emission by each country is increasing.Each country have to think about future otherwise this going to be furious for us....

Submitted by Nitish on
Climate change is very serious issue we all together have to think about it. we can't depend on the unsuccessful summit like Copenhagen.we as person take this issue seriously and make people aware of effect of climate change.

Submitted by Anonymous on
I am impressed with cool new blogs and also with Youth Thinks website! I am excited to read about future blogs.

Submitted by Sarah on
Countries need to get together to work on this huge problem. This issue is animals dying, as in the case of Polar Bears, and plants unused to so much heat. In Africa, even one degree is a massive difference. With global warming progressing like it has, there might actually be a 2012 armageddon.

Submitted by Anonymous on
I feel that taking practical steps and putting pressure on the world's developed economies to help in addressing climate change should be one priority areas that every person must support. We have just one plant for ourselves and as young people we must fight for a better planet that provides us with comfort for our generation and generations to come. Young people should thus play a major role in community service projects that are geared towards addressing climate change. Tree planting is a good exercise. Also putting pressure on governments and world leaders to support climate friendly activities. I am always inspired by a term one of my teachers use to say when i was part of the Evergreen Club of Ghana at my Junior High School education that "when the last tree dies ,the last man dies". Practically this is true. Think about this. Kind Regards, Michael Boampong, (Executive Director) Young People We Care (YPWC) P O BOX SN 369, SANTASI-KUMASI.GHANA, +233-20-8278216,+233-242-970908 Young People We Care (YPWC) is a registered youth-led and youth-focused, non-profit organization that is headquartered in Ghana and has satellite offices in the UK, Canada and USA. The organization is operated by young people (ages 15

Submitted by Rose on
We are a curveway ahead the road of this discussion that it is too much of a pain no one takes this issue too seriously. As much as I can, I try to keep myself updated about the status of weather. We have been discussing this issue since time immemorial but nothing is taking much better impact what have been hurdled. In my place, I am seeing the explosive impact of climate catastrophic changes. even experiencing it. at 6am during the day, you could feel that heat is surging high. when you look outside, there is no sun yet. see what that implies? I agree that we're on the verge of catastrophe.

You're right, Michael. One of the big challenges is for people to realize that it is everyone's business; the world's climate doesn't observe arbitrary, man made borders, after all - climate change will affect everyone. It's a good sign that many of the major global meetings and events on climate change now include a youth component - a space where young people can make their voices heard and raise their concerns. Let's start planning for Copenhagen!

Submitted by Aaron Leonard on
One of the biggest events in the Climate Change arena this year is the World Bank's Development Marketplace (DM) Competition on Climate Adaptation. The DM aims to identify 20 to 25 innovative, early-stage projects addressing climate adaptation. Winners can receive up to US$200,000 in grant funding for implementation over two years. The competition closes on Monday, but visit our blog for more info -

Submitted by Anonymous on
i just think that the people of the world should just be ashame about what they are doing to the earth

Submitted by Anonymous on
Climate change is a myth! The climate is heating up because of a dynamic climate system that fluctuates over millions of years. Fossil fuels and toxic waste emit less pollution than horse and livestock manure.The air that we breathe today are cleaner because of treatment plants. And there isn't what they called the good old days. I dont even care about this planet and mother nature. I just want everyone out of their misery and out of this miserable planet.

Submitted by Ashish Suman on
When i visit this website and read this issues and know many things on Climate changes .Climate change is serious matter in this world. We need to find more problems for this. Developed country first come and talk with develop countries to how we prevent this. The role of children , Students and youngster are very important for this. So My thinking is every one participate for prevention for global warning. I give thanks to you Think who give me more Knowledge and set my mind to thought on this issue seriously. Thanks Ashish Suman BH-1,C-217 Lovely Professtional University Phagwara ,Jalndhar Punjab

Submitted by Ashish Suman on
In India Global climate change impact in India on agriculture.Indian agriculture losses on the climates problem like global warming, rain not come on time. The possibility of loss 4-5 million wheat production in rising of 1 degree temperature. Rises of temperature Himalayan Glaciers fast melting. this is region of Heavy flood loses of agriculture, life. Uncertainty of rain effect on hydroelectric project .pathogens and insect population strongly dependent upon temperature and humidity increase in temperature and humidity would change their population dynamics.

Submitted by Shiva on
Each and every person should be made aware of the impact of the climate change. The per capita energy comsumption should be lowered and this should start from very household. Media can play a supportive role in this by publishizing/ playing such programs within the entertainment programs

Submitted by Anonymous on
the climate and the world are a big problem. we should all be trying to help clean up pollution. No one but us are to blame for it so we should clean up our own mess. why should everyone suffer for human mistakes.