A Framework for Disclosure in Public-Private Partnership Projects

May 27, 2016


For too long, there has been a dearth of literature and guidance on policy and practice in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) disclosure and a wide gap in understanding the mechanics of disclosure by practitioners within governments and the private sector.

The World Bank Group is working on a framework for public disclosure of information in PPP transactions, along with the preparation of a database on disclosure practices followed in various countries.

Based on a substantial body of knowledge created during the last few years through reviews, and experience gained through technical guidance, the World Bank Group prepared Framework for Disclosure in Public-Private Partnership Projects, a systematic structure for proactively disclosing information. This is accompanied by two additional documents, Jurisdictional Studies and Good Practice Cases, which provide relevant background and resources that complement the goals of the Framework.

For more information, visit the PPP Tools page.

Funding for this product has been provided by the World Bank Group Public-Private Partnerships and by PPIAF.

The draft Framework is also available in Spanish.