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publication November 9, 2018

Law, Justice and Development Week 2018 Video Library

-Program for Wednesday & Thursday, November 7-8, 2018- 


Digital Media Session 20: Compliance and Safeguarding Policies: A Means and an End

How can a development organization's regulatory compliance help countries build sound legal and regulatory frameworks? In this session, Matthew Cohen, Deputy General Counsel and Patricia Doutriaux, Attorney Advisor at the United States Agency for International Development share the USAID approach. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 21: Learning from the EU Experience of Supporting Justice Reform

The European Union has decades of experience of supporting justice reform, but results have often disappointed. In this session, Martijn Quinn, Deputy Head of the Directorate General for Justice at the European Commission shares insights on the challenges and provides suggestions on ways to improve the international approach to justice sector reform. Watch the replay



Digital Media Session 22: Justice as a Dimension of Poverty 

In this session, Paul Prettitore, Senior Land Administration Specialist at the World Bank, provides a brief overview of the latest research on the relationships between access to justice, protection of human rights, and social and economic inclusion. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 23: Access to Justice and Poverty Eradication

How can 18 years behind bars - including eight years on death row for a wrongful conviction - open one's eyes? In this session, Peter Ouko, Founder and CEO of Youth Safety Awareness Initiative in Kenya sheds light on the symbiotic relationship between the lack of access to justice, poverty, and development. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 24: Striving for Justice Through Legal Empowerment

Haya Zahid, Executive Director of Pakistan Legal Aid Society, and Mahwush Malik, Legal Counsel at the Habib Bank Limited examine the innovative approaches used in a convict-led paralegal program to legally empower prisoners facing challenges in scaling and sustaining the program, and the role of legal empowerment in eradicating poverty. Watch the replay here.



Digital Media Session 25: Rights, Protection and Development: Lessons from the Field

How can development projects integrate human rights and protection considerations? In this session, Anna Autio, Program Manager of the Nordic Trust Fund at the World Bank Group, Eve Kloeve, Senior Program Officer at the Nordic Trust Fund and Daniel Owen, Senior Social Development Specialist at the World Bank Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice draw on the 10 years of experience from the Nordic Trust Fund in providing financial and technical support to promote knowledge and learning on human rights in operational work. This session highlighted the human rights and protection considerations included in the human development and other sectors, showcasing recent work on human rights and protection in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in Africa. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 26: The Case for Justice: Investing in Peace and Prosperity

The Task Force on Justice, the World Bank and the OECD make the case for justice and its contribution to poverty reducation, boosting prosperity and promoting peace. In this session, Martijn Quinn, Deputy Head of the European Commission Directorate General for Justice, Koen Davidse, Executive Director for the Netherlands at the World Bank Group, and Deborah Wetzel, World Bank Senior Director for Governance discuss how significant investments in justice are required to turn the ambition of the SDGs into reality. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 27: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Legal Perspectives

In this session, Alessandra Iorio, Chief Counsel for Legal Operations at the World Bank interviews Natalie Lichtenstein, visiting scholar at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies on her recent book "a Comparative Guide to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank". Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 28: Building Sustainable Megaprojects: Legal Challenges and Mega Risks

In this session, Virginia Greiman, Attorney Advisor at Harvard Law School discusses how megaprojects bring major transformations in the landscape of countries and the quality of life of the people, and how the implications of globalization and economic expansion require that megaprojects meet economic, social and cross-cultural demands of these complex ecosystems. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 29: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Settings

In this session, Anu Kumar, President and CEO of Ipas and Caren Grown, Senior Director for Gender at the World Bank Group discuss the realities and challenges encountered in humanitarian settings in relation to sexual and reproductive health. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 30: MIGA's Role in Protecting Investor Rights

In this session, Daniel Moon, Counsel at the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) discusses how MIGA protects investor rights, and enables rebuilding efforts by bringing the much needed capital and employment opportunities into countries afflicted by fragility and conflict where private insurers are hesitant to embark on. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 31: Raising the Bar in Integrity and Environmental, Social and Governance Standards

In this session, Lucas Diez Suarez, Counsel for Business Risk and Compliance at the International Finance Corporation, Huishu Ji, Senior Risk Officer for Integrity at the International Finance Corporation and Wenlei Zhou, Senior Social Development Specialist at the International Finance Corporation explore how the institution engages private sector companies to promote the adoption of integrity and ESG standards. This approach has helped develop IFC's brand as a sustainable partner for the private sector in emerging markets. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 34: Unique Perspective on the Kenyan Judicial Process - Past, Present and Future

In this session, Hon. David Maraga, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya and Nancy Kanyago, Advocate at the High Court of Kenya are joined by Nicholas Menzies, Senior Governance Specialist at the World Bank and Task Leader of the Kenya Judicial Performance Imporovement Project in a conversation in the recent judicial developments in Kenya, and the history of the country's judicial process. Watch the replay. 


Digital Media Session 35: Why the Destruction of Property Rights is Needed for Growth

There are few beliefs about economy and society held more confidently than the idea that property rights are necessary to economic growth. Based on empirical analysis of five instances of rapid economic growth, Franck Upham, Professor of Property Law at New York University School of Law argues that this view of property rights is dangerously incomplete and misleading.  It is incomplete because economic growth can and has occurred without judicially enforced property rights. It is misleading because it implies that property rights per se contribute to economic growth when in fact the role of property rights in growth is heavily contingent on the surrounding social context. Unless they are appropriate for the circumstances, property rights can prevent, not engender, growth. It is dangerous because a failure to recognize that the social and economic role of property rights is radically contingent will continue to mislead both development practitioners and developing country policy makers in their attempts to bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty. Jonathan Lindsay, Lead Counsel for Environmental and International Law at the World Bank offers a response based on observations from World Bank support to land, agriculture and infrastructure projects. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 37: UNIDROIT Secretary-General's Vision on Law and Development

In this session, the new UNIDROIT Secretary-General shared his vision of how UNIDROIT can support economic empowerment and help achieve the SDGs with legal experts involved in UNIDROIT's future equipment financing treaty and agricultural land investment guide. Watch the replay. 



Panel 10: Getting the Deal Done: Snapshots of Maximizing Finance for Development in Practice

In this session, Ximena Talero, World Bank Lead Counsel on Structured Finance and Guarantees, Neil Ashar and Mark Sigrist, World Bank Senior Counsel on Structured Finance and Guarantees, and Sunjung Kim and Shingira Masanzu, World Bank Counsel for Structured Finance and Guarantees share how to translate Maximizing Finance for Development from theory into practice by sharing concrete project examples. Watch the replay.


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