BRIEF August 28, 2017

Migration and Remittances

International migration – the movement of people across international boundaries – has enormous implications for growth and poverty alleviation in both origin and destination countries. According to newly available census data, more than 247 million people were living outside of their countries of birth in 2013, and over 750 million migrate within their countries. In the coming decades, demographic forces, globalization and climate change will increase migration pressures both within and across borders.

The World Bank Group is deepening its engagement on this broad agenda, including:

  • Providing evidence-based policy advice on migration, remittances and diaspora issues
  • Monitoring and forward-looking analysis of global flows of migration and remittances
  • Strengthening global partnerships in leveraging migration for global development
  • Developing and monitoring indicators for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals of reducing remittance costs and reducing recruitment costs
  • Mobilizing diaspora investments for development, e.g., via diaspora bonds, and leveraging remittances for financial inclusion

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