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Framework for Implementing Green Growth in Bangladesh 2023

The Framework for Implementing Green Growth in Bangladesh- 2023 report aims to offer a comprehensive blueprint for enhancing Bangladesh's institutional arrangements, regulatory framework, investments, and knowledge structures to facilitate the adoption of green growth strategies. Additionally, the report explores potential green finance vehicles and emphasizes the potential for Bangladesh to efficiently allocate resources to execute green development strategies. The proposed framework provides three overarching objectives:

  • Augment effective environmental governance and an energy transition
  • Foster new engines and skills for green growth
  • Achieve a just transition to a resilient, green, and healthy society

As Bangladesh strides towards its ambitious goals reaching high income status by 2041, the concept of green growth has become increasingly central to its economic and environmental strategies and national plans. Since the inception of the latest Country Partnership Framework for Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh has shown substantial commitment to green growth, aligning with its objectives for fiscal years 2023 – 2027 and its ambition to reach high-income country status by 2041. The government has incorporated green growth frameworks into several national plans including the 8th Five-Year Plan, the Prospective Plan 2021 – 2041, and the Delta Plan 2100, demonstrating a firm commitment to financing green investments and enacting sustainable policy reforms. However, challenges persist, such as the inadequate prioritization of public investment and limited inter-ministerial coordination, which obstruct effective planning and budget allocation processes.

Proposed Bangladesh Green Growth Framework Infographic

The report emphasizes the creation of an enabling environment for green investment through effective coordination between ministries and productive dialogue between the public and private sectors. The proposed Green Growth framework further assesses the scope for financing sustainable environmentally practices in Bangladesh and provides a roadmap for facilitating finance for green growth in Bangladesh. These efforts aim to embrace a future for Bangladesh that is both clean, efficient, and prepared for the challenges of climate change.


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