Okavango Multi-Sector Investment Opportunity Analysis

April 30, 2014

The activity will support a Multi-Sector Investment Opportunities Analysis (MSIOA) for the Cubango-Okavango river basin. Based on the Transboundary Diagnostic and Strategic Action Plan for the basin, this will support the OKACOM through the following activities:

  • Review and collation of existing information and data gathered for the recently completed Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, the Basin Strategic Action Programme (SAP), National Action Plans (NAP), country information on planned water source augmentation etc.;
  • Analysis of various existing national and regional water development proposals, including the SAP;
  • Analysis and inclusion of multi-basin options;
  • Analysis of regional energy and food security plans and alternatives;
  • Assessment of incremental costs of options to offset Okavango Delta impacts;
  • Analysis of offset financing options;
  • Development of suitable hydrological and economic modeling tools through which to develop and assess options (this activity may be linked with the knowledge management window);
  • Review of potential finance packaging options;
  • Holding of national workshops to verify information and discuss options and scenarios;
  • Holding of an OKACOM Secretariat hosted regional workshop to review results;
  • Training of suitable national and regional officials in the use of developed models and tools (this activity may be linked with Knowledge Management and capacity building activity)