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News Media Outlets - 2022

Source Title Author Date
Euronews.next Doctors' salaries: Which countries pay the most and least in Europe? Servet Yanayma 3-Jan-23
Bloomberg Battle of the Biggest Chris Antsey 8-Nov-22
Boom (India) Viral Graphic Comparing India's GDP Size Across Years Is Misleading Mohammed Kudrati 15-Oct-22
Independent Online The paradox and mystery of China’s statistical politics Pali Lehohla 09-Oct-22
Independent (Nigeria) 60% Of Extreme Poor Live In Nigeria, Other Sub-Saharan Africa   09-Oct-22
The New Indian Express Making sense of GDP growth and poverty   19-Sep-22
Cyprus Mail Cyprus minimum wage gives above EU average purchasing power   15-Sep-22
The Guardian A fairer measure of Britain’s wealth   30-Aug-22
Financial Times Africa’s search for lasting route out of poverty proves elusive David Pilling  26-Aug-22
Russia Matters How Many of Russia’s Economies Can You Fit Into Germany’s?   24-Aug-22
The Hindu 11% growth over next decade could make India world’s second largest economy by 2031: RBI Deputy Governor Lalatendu Mishra 13-Aug-22
The Jakarta Post We need solid data to combat extreme poverty Kadir Ruslan 10-Aug-22
The Guardian No longer the most populous, but still China wants to be world number one Rana Mitter 27-Jul-22
Times Now Did India's economy slip from world's third-largest to 164th? Here's what World Bank data says   13-Jul-22
The Print Does development mean more women in work? Yes in Pakistan but not India, says World Bank study Nikhil Rampal 10-Jul-22
Times Education Latin America University Rankings 2022: methodology   07-Jul-22
The Economic Times Why SMEs are looking at Intra-Asia trade Mohamad Sayegh 09-Jul-22
Bloomberg Markets Are Signaling a Pyrrhic Inflation Victory John Authers 30-Jun-22
Statista China's Rise to Economic Superpower Felix Richter 27-Jun-22
China Daily BRICS building a better, shared future   20-Jun-22
The Times Asia University Rankings 2022: methodology   25-May-22
PracticalEcommerce Charts: Impact of Ukraine War on World Economy Adel Boukarroum 25-May-22
Irish Times Who pays more income tax, workers in Republic or in North? Eoin Burke-Kennedy 22-May-22
Forbes 3 Reasons Southeast Asia Is A Hot Market For Tech Startups Roman Kumar Vyas 17-May-22
The Washington Post The Euro Will Survive Falling Below Parity With the Dollar Marcus Ashworth 16-May-22
Business Standard India's FY22 per capita income projected higher than Bangladesh: IMF   11-May-22
Radio Nigeria World Bank to review Global Poverty Index to $2.15   04-May-22
24/7 Wall Street This Is the Country That Collects the Most Taxes Douglas A. McIntyre 19-Apr-22
The Times of India Avoidable record: Central taxes on fuel need to be lowered to help growth   08-Apr-22
The Washington Post A Financial Mega-Merger That’s All in the Family  Andy Mukherjee 06-Apr-22
Financial Express Purchasing power parity critical for per capita estimate: BIDS meet   31-Mar-22
24/7 Wall Street Countries With the Most American Expats Josie Green 21-Mar-22
Business Mirror PHL workers’ wages among lowest in terms of PPP–WB Cai Ordinario 21-Mar-22
University World News Falling student enrolment is a key trend in Global North Karen MacGregor  19-Mar-22
Project Syndicate India's Size Illusion Arvind Subramanian, Josh Felman 17-Mar-22
Lowy Institute Revising Down The Rise Of China Roland Rajah, Alyssa Leng 15-Mar-22
The Friday Times Unpacking Bangladesh’s Silent Economic Revolution Mehjabin Bhanu 02-Mar-22
The Hill America's competitive edge is shrinking — Congress can reverse the trend Norman R. Augustine 01-Mar-22
Asia Times Indonesia bans mineral exports to move up value chain   22-Feb-22
Financial Times Nigeria: Africa’s paradoxical powerhouse David Pilling  14-Feb-22
Bloomberg When Will China Be the World’s Biggest Economy? Maybe Never Eric Zhu,  Tom Orlik 11-Feb-22
Economic Times Like it or not, to be rich is to be gloriously happy Atanu Biswas 06-Feb-22
Albania Daily News Albania Has Most Expensive Fuel in Europe Eduart Halili 04-Feb-22
Mirage News International electricity price comparisons   03-Feb-22
The Economist By one measure of living standards, South Korea has overtaken Japan   01-Feb-22
The Times of India Global warming to cost India 100bn work hours per yr: Study   31-Jan-22
Foreign Policy Panama’s Success Is Defying Political Science  James Loxton 28-Jan-22
The Business Standard Climate change: Lost labour cost Bangladesh Tk1tn in two decades   18-Jan-22
Seeking Alpha EWJ: The Undervalued Yen Provides An Opportunity Stuart Allsopp 16-Jan-22
The Korea Herald Korea outstrips OECD average in per capita GDP for 1st time Kim Yon-se 10-Jan-22
Business Tech How much money you need to be in the richest 1% in South Africa – and how you compare to other   05-Jan-22

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News Media Outlets - 2021

Source Title Author Date
CleanTechnica Are Alternative Proteins Worrying The Meat Industry? Carolyn Fortuna 22-Nov-21
The Economist Latin America’s economies have an opportunity to grow   16-Oct-21
The Jerusalem Post How expensive is living in Israel? Less than you thought Zev Stub 11-Oct-21
The Hindu Business Line Telecom industry gets a timely lifeline V Sridhar, Rohit Prasad 20-Sep-21
The Jakarta Post Indonesia's new stunting policy: Elusive or feasible? Deviana Wijaya Dewi 18-Sep-21
The Statesman Conflict at the cost of the poor Abu Afsarul Haider 15-Sep-21
The Hindu Tauktae, Yaas and planning for the next Yashobanta Parida, Joyita Roy Chowdhury, Prakash Kumar Sahoo 24-Aug-21
Anadolu Agency OPINION - Turkey seeks to position itself according to realities of emerging new world order Ahmet Gencturk 16-Aug-21
WPS: Banking and Stock Exchange Excessive government influence and weak judicial system will hinder acceleration of GDP growth   20-Jul-21
The Hindu Online Tracing the decline of U.S. power Kishore Mahbubani 13-Jul-21
Financial Times Euro 2020: England expects — the long road back to a Wembley final Simon Kuper 09-Jul-21
IHS Global Insight Daily Analysis OECD Health Statistics hint at broad COVID-19-related effect on 2020 health spending   05-Jul-21
defenceWeb Slight deterioration in global peace index   29-Jun-21
Ghana MMA AfCFTA will create new opportunities for women   30-Jun-21
New Statesman How the G7’s economic power has diminished Nicu Calcea 11-Jun-21
Big Think These 1,000 hexagons show how global wealth is distributed Frank Jacobs 10-Jun-21
Forbes El Salvador To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender: A Milestone In Monetary History Avik Roy 07-Jun-21
Daily Sun Truth Is Stranger than Fiction Abdul Mannan 05-Jun-21
Finance & Development Putting People First: South Africa’s longest-serving finance minister, Trevor Manuel, reflects on the country’s lost decade Analisa R. Bala 01-Jun-21
Foreign Policy Exactly How Helpless Is Europe? Stephen M. Walt 21-May-21
The Economist Military spending: Buck for the bang   01-May-21
Livemint Could China’s digital renminbi pose the US dollar a challenge? Shehnaz Ahmed 28-Apr-21
Haaretz High Cost of Living Weighs on Israelis’ Quality of Life, IMF Data Shows Nati Tucker, Dafna Maor 28-Apr-21
China Daily Asia can lead global economic growth this century Colin Speakman 27-Apr-21
The Philippine Star Pandemic impacting purchasing power of people Elijah Felice Rosales 21-Apr-21
Prague Morning Czech Republic’s Economic Level Surpasses Spain, Portugal   20-Apr-21
The Himalayan Times Economic recovery Kaushal Joshi 20-Apr-21
The Rio Times Brazil’s GDP per capita 2020 slides in global comparison ranking Richard Mann 12-Apr-21
Dominican Today Learn the reasons why the Dominican Republic increased its Human Development Index   11-Apr-21
Khmer Times Help for low-income nations tops agenda at G20 meeting   09-Apr-21
IS Preview UK Ranks 78 Out of 230 Countries for Price of 1GB Mobile Data   09-Apr-21
The News Human Development Report 2020: Massive income inequality among rich and poor Mehtab Haider 07-Apr-21
The Rio Times Chile’s GDP per capita is highest in South America and will be first to reach US$30,000   06-Apr-21
Asia Times Is America weaker than China? Brandon J Weichert 01-Apr-21
The Korea Herald Thirty Years of the Southern Common Market   29-Mar-21
Hindustan Times How India can meet the China challenge Gautam Bambawale and Ajay Shah 27-Mar-21
Daily Sabah Golden jubilee: New prospect for Bangladesh-Turkey ties Masud Bin Momen 26-Mar-21
The Corner The IMF Will Come To The Rescue   26-Mar-21
The Telegraph Covid hits India’s middle class harder, swells poverty more than in China Paran Balakrishnan 26-Mar-21
Yahoo Finance India will be the world's third-largest economy by 2031, Bank of America projects   24-Mar-21
Financial Express India needs rapid growth to catch up with China   24-Mar-21
The Telegraph China has outsmarted, outworked and outsold America Dominic Green 23-Mar-21
Fortune The $15 minimum wage in 4 charts: How states and industries measure up across the U.S. Brian O'Keefe, Nicolas Rapp 18-Mar-21
Financial World Bitcoin nosedives after weekend record peak as India mulls a potential ban on cryptos Sourav D 16-Mar-21
The Nassau Guardian UN: Anaemic economy will slow attainment of 2030 SDGs   15-Mar-21
Jamaica Observer The lessons for Jamaica: Botched vaccine start, but we must get back in business   14-Mar-21
The Slovak Spectator Slovakia’s minimum wage might be actually worse than in Romania   11-Mar-21
Expensivity The Price of Happiness in Every Country James Arney 09-Mar-21
Deccan Herald Gita Gopinath feels India 'really stands out' in terms of vaccine policy   09-Mar-21
Interfax Ukraine Ukraine climbs 17 positions in Social Progress Index to 63rd place in 2020   06-Mar-21
Hankyoreh South Korea’s per capita GNI falls 1.1% in 2020   05-Mar-21
Daily Mail People with higher incomes are prouder, more confident and less afraid than people with low wages, study finds Jonathan Chadwick 04-Mar-21
China Daily China's poverty standards fit its situation, NPC spokesman says Li Lei 04-Mar-21
Newsweek As AOC Heralds Denmark McDonald's Minimum Wage, Here's How Much a Big Mac Costs There Ewan Palmer 03-Mar-21
Vietnam Net Vietnamese super-wealthy spend more on luxury items   27-Feb-21
Dhaka Tribune Where does Bangladesh stand on the poverty and inequality front after 50 years of independence? Jyoti Rahman 26-Feb-21
The Hindu China’s President hails ‘complete victory’ in poverty fight Ananth Krishnan 25-Feb-21
Caspian News Kazakhstan Pushes Ahead with Visa-Free Policy amid COVID-19 Pandemic Gaukhar Erubaeva 20-Feb-21
Qatar Tribune 34th issue of Qatar economic statistics report published   16-Feb-21
The Asean Post Tackling Indonesia’s Poverty With Palm Oil Try Ananto Wicaksono 16-Feb-21
Eurasia review Ayodhya: A New Dawn Of Communal Harmony In India? – Analysis Asif Rameez Daudi 15-Feb-21
The Economic Times Empowering Half of the Workforce David J Ranz 14-Feb-21
Vietnam Net Vietnam rises two places in Bloomberg innovative economy index   10-Feb-21
Forbes How America’s Minimum Wage Compares [Infographic] Niall McCarthy 09-Feb-21
Malaymail Hernan Corps’ durian products enter Japanese market   08-Feb-21
El PAIS Czech Republic overtakes Spain in GDP per capita Antonio Maqueda 08-Feb-21
Financial Times FT Global MBA ranking 2021: methodology and key   07-Feb-21
Financial Times Containing China is not a feasible option Martin Wolf 02-Feb-21
Financial World Mexican economy in 2020 suffers worst slump since 1930s Sourav D 01-Feb-21
The Guardian Decades of progress on extreme poverty now in reverse due to Covid   03-Feb-21
The Guardian We must diversify to exit recession Bayo Ogunmupe 29-Jan-21
Nhan Dan News Imprint of Vietnam's socio-economic development in past five years   29-Jan-21
The Kremlin Vladimir Putin, Davos 2021 speech - Kremlin transcript   27-Jan-21
Dhaka Tribune OP-ED: Our GDP has come a long way since its war-ravaged days Jyoti Rahman 24-Jan-21
Business Standard India among top 10 countries most affected by climate change: Germanwatch   25-Jan-21
The Washington Post Why Biden’s Minimum Wage Idea Is Old News for States Jordan Yadoo 20-Jan-21
The Sunday Mail US political meltdown hands China the advantage Kuda Bwititi 17-Jan-21
ASEAN today Malaysia missed its Vision 2020 goal of industrialization: What went wrong? Umair Jamal 16-Jan-21
Business Maverick A Year After Covid Began, China’s Economy Is Beating World   15-Jan-21
Africa Outlook Diversifying Nigeria Sean Galea-Pace 15-Jan-21
The Hindustan Times Commit to a decade of climate resilience Arunabha Ghosh 12-Jan-21
Vietnam Investment Review High hopes for 2021 as GDP goals defined   08-Jan-21
The Moscow Times Russia in 2021: Will the Economy Recover?   07-Jan-21
Financial Tribune Iran Economic Monitor for Fall: Weathering the Triple-Shock   06-Jan-21

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Academic and Other Outlets - 2022

Source Title Author Date
East Asia Forum South Korea surpasses Japan in real GDP per capita Richard Katz 01-Apr-22
Council on Foreign Relations Latin America's New Economic Model May Emerge in Chile Shannon K. O'Neil 10-Jan-22

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 Academic and Other Outlets - 2021

Source Title Author Date
The Brookings Institution Transition paths towards better health outcomes in India: Optimizing the use of existing pooled government funds Tarun Khanna, Nachiket Mor, and Sandhya Venkateswaran 29-Jun-21
Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) Prices for arthritis biologicals in Latin America   21-Jun-21
Project Syndicate Is the Asian Century Really Here? Lee Jong-Wha 01-Apr-21
Australian Trade Comission India primed for growth as Australia links deepen Ashley Brosnan 26-Mar-21
Center for Economic and Policy Research New York Times Debates When It Will Tell Readers that China Has the World’s Largest Economy Dean Baker 20-Mar-21
Pew Research Center The Pandemic Stalls Growth in the Global Middle Class, Pushes Poverty Up Sharply Rakesh Kochhar 18-Mar-21
The Heritage Foundation China Hikes Defense Budget Again as US Weighs Flatlining Pentagon Spending Frederico Bartels 15-Mar-21
Project-Syndicate The Struggle for Technology Sovereignty in Europe Hermann Hauser 12-Mar-21
PLOS One Costs of cancer attributable to excess body weight in the Brazilian public health system in 2018 Ronaldo Corrêa Ferreira da Silva et. al 11-Mar-21
NewEurope The need for Indo-EU cooperation to expand security in a new multilateral, geo-political situation Dr. P. Sekhar, Lena Deros, Sir Vassili Thomas 08-Mar-21
PLOS One Novel health system strategies for tuberculin skin testing at primary care clinics: Performance assessment and health economic evaluation Eva Van Ginderdeuren, Jean Bassett, Colleen F. Hanrahan, Lillian Mutunga, Annelies Van Rie 17-Feb-21
C.D. Howe Institute From Chronic to Acute: Canada’s Investment Crisis William B.P. Robson and Miles Wu 04-Feb-21
Hudson Institute A Discussion on the Defense Industrial Base with Government Leaders Bryan Clark 22-Jan-21
Project Syndicate The Year of the Renminbi? Arvind Subramanian,Josh Felman 19-Jan-21
Project Syndicate The BRICs at 20   13-Jan-21
Pakistan Observer Gender disparity & sustainability Sami Ullah 03-Jan-21

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