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The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)

The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) provides technical advice to the Pandemic Fund`s Governing Board. The TAP supports the Pandemic Fund with its goal of financing projects and activities that help strengthen capacity building and implementation of pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPR) under IHR (2005) and other internationally endorsed legal frameworks, consistent with a One Health approach.

The key functions of TAP are to:

  • Ensure that the Governing Board is kept apprised of the latest knowledge and developments related to PPR, including the status of PPR capacity at country, regional and global levels, emerging lessons and priorities, and significant developments in the areas of broader PPR governance and oversight.
  • Advise the Governing Board on funding priorities and critical gaps in pandemic PPR, as well as on funding allocation decisions, by providing analysis and evidence-based recommendations, based on an evaluation of individual funding proposals submitted to The Pandemic Fund through the Call for Proposals process

The TAP comprises of a core group of 21 multidisciplinary experts and is chaired by Mike Ryan, Executive Director, WHO.  Joy St. John of the Caribbean Public Health Agency serves as Vice-Chair.  TAP members bringing a diverse range of technical and financial expertise relevant to the Pandemic Fund-supported projects and activities. The experts reflect the Pandemic Fund's commitment to achieving an adequate mix of technical expertise, geographical representation, and gender balance.

TAP Leadership and TAP members are subject to the Pandemic Fund’s Conflict of Interest Framwork and policies as set forth in the Operations Manual. TAP experts were selected through a competitive process and serve for a period of 2 years and are eligible for reappointment for a maximum of two consecutive terms. For further details, please see the Terms of Reference for the TAP.

Members of the TAP

Chair: Mike Ryan, Executive Director, World Health Organization

Vice Chair: Joy St. John, Executive Director, Caribbean Public Health Agency

TAP Experts

  • Aalisha Sahukhan
  • Christian Drosten
  • Daniela Garone
  • Justice Nonvignon
  • Kenichi Komada
  • Leo Yee Sin
  • Maha El Rabbat
  • Marisa Peyre
  • Maryam Amour
  • Mohamed Moussif
  • Osman Ahmed Dar
  • Outi Kuivasniemi
  • Paritosh Kumar Biswas
  • Patrick Osewe
  • Rajeev Sadanandan
  • Rebecca Katz
  • Ronald St. John
  • Stefano Vella
  • Ximena Garzon-Villalba
  • Xu Ming