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BRIEF April 9, 2019

Development Marketplace 2019: Perú - companies

How to make actions taken by companies to prevent violence against women sustainable:

An evaluation model to measure the economic impacts of prevention actions in companies

IFC Vice President Georgina Baker presents 2019 Development Marketplace 2019 award to Alberto Diaz Rosillo, Peru Photo: World Bank / Grant Ellis


Project Summary:
Companies taking steps to prevent violence against women lack evaluations that would measure the impact and consequences of their actions. Government certification for companies is based on a scored evaluation that lacks objective results indicators.

This multisector research project targets three main outcomes. First: Sustainability of VAW prevention in companies using a VAW evaluation model. This will include theoretical support, variables, and objective indicators for measuring VAW and its economic consequences. This contributes two highly innovative elements: the ability to apply the model in any company, requiring only cultural and linguistic adaptations; and the inclusion of both VAW in partner relationships and VAW in the workplace, something that has not been done until now. Second: Validation of the proposed design and a first measurement of the presence and impact of VAW baseline. The evaluation will be implemented as designed in 5 companies. Third: Reformulation of the government’s ‘seal’ evaluation for companies taking action against VAW, with a proposal for new criteria and objective evaluation indicators. Five companies with approximately 3,000 employees in total have already agreed to participate.

Project Team: 
Alberto Díaz Rosillo, Zaida Beatríz Asencios González, Inés Fanny Santi Huaranca Christin Schulze