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The Digital Economy for Africa Initiative

The Digital Economy Initiative for Africa (DE4A) aims to ensure that every individual, business, and government in Africa will be digitally enabled by 2030 in support of the African Union “Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.” To support this objective, the World Bank intends to invest $25 billion between now and 2030.

Nigeria’s Future is Digital

A new World Bank diagnostic provides a snapshot of the state of Nigeria’s digital economy and provides recommendations for future growth.

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Broadband for All Africa

Around $100 billion will be needed to achieve universal access to broadband connectivity on the entire continent by 2030.

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Electronic Transactions Reshape Egypt’s Economy

In Egypt, the rise of electronic payments is boosting business while bringing newfound convenience to consumers.

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Voices of Africa’s Digital Youth

The World Bank Group spoke with youth all over Africa to gather their perspectives on the digital economy— the impact it is already having in their lives and countries, the potential it offers, and the risks it brings.

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All Africa Digital Transformation

The Strategy

Achieving the Digital Transformation will take a collective commitment by all African countries, development partners and the private sector to massively scale up resources dedicated to building the foundations of a thriving digital economy throughout the continent.  It will need leadership and a vision to push the frontiers of innovation so that Africa can own its 21st century.

At the national level, it will require a concentrated effort to build up the core foundations of the digital economy including digital infrastructure and platforms, digital skills, digital financial services and an environment supportive of digital business and entrepreneurship.  A simultaneous effort will be needed to mitigate the growing risks of the digital era including cybersecurity, data privacy and protection and market concentration.

At the continental level, it will require a renewed commitment to cross-border integration of digital markets – building from sub-regional level to continental level toward a Single Digital Market (SDM) for Africa.  Such cross-border integration will be critical to generate the economies of scale, network effects and cooperation critical to enable African digital firms to compete regionally and globally, to create the investment case for digital infrastructure (e.g. broadband internet, payment systems) and to enable access to digital services, e-commerce and opportunities for all African citizens and businesses regardless of location.

How do we get there?

The World Bank Group (WBG) will partner with the African Union and other stakeholders to develop a “Digital Transformation Action Plan” to highlight the key policy reforms and investments needed at the national and regional level for the continent to achieve its digital development ambitions. The Action Plan will serve as the blueprint for the AU, national governments, WBG and development partners to coordinate and concentrate efforts with private sector toward achieving the All Africa Digital Transformation vision. 

To support the continent to achieve this, the WBG is ready to make a new significant commitment to support policy reforms and interventions, and to leverage the public and private investment needed to build the foundations for a future-ready Africa. This commitment would be accompanied by a call for African countries to increase their spending on digital economy and to prioritize critical reforms.  We strongly encourage other development partners to join this effort.