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Sustainable Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Turkey

October 18, 2016

ANKARA, October 18, 2016 – The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and the World Bank are co-hosting a one-day technical workshop entitled “Reaching Compliance with EU requirements on Water Supply and Sanitation in a Sustainable Way: Challenges and Opportunities for Turkey”. This workshop builds on a study carried out by the World Bank with the objective of analyzing the main issues faced by the Water Supply and Sanitation sector in Turkey and establishing a dialog on how best to address the challenge of reaching compliance with the standards similar to that of the EU for water and sanitation service provision, while maintaining technical and financial sustainability of service providers. Over 100 high level officials from the central government, Metropolitan Municipalities and their Water and Sewerage Administrations have signed up and participated in the event. 

The Workshop started with the opening remarks of the General Director for Water Management of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and of the World Bank Country Director for Turkey, Johannes Zutt. In his opening remarks, Mr. Zutt underlined that “Reaching and maintaining sustainable and efficient water supply and sanitation services for all at an affordable price is a tremendous challenge, which Turkey has committed to.

Raising to this challenge in the context of increasing demand and decreasing water resources due to the impacts of climate change call for immediate and decisive action in support of the sector” said Zutt, who added that the World Bank is committed to supporting Turkey’s Water Agenda.

Within the framework of the Workshop the key findings and questions raised by a recent World Bank Study on the sector were presented by Xavier Chauvot de Beauchene, the main author of the report. The Report highlights Turkey’s Rich Experience in Water Supply and Sanitation Services management and lays out a historic of the significant progress made towards Compliance with EU Directives related to the institutional arrangement and regulatory framework, as well as with the technical and financial status of the Water Supply and Sanitation.

The Study also compares the requirements of EU Drinking Water and Urban Wastewater Directives with Turkish regulations, analyzes the current compliance levels and estimates the cost of reaching compliance with the regulation related to wastewater collection and treatment and service provision in three scenarios. The Report concludes by raising key questions worth further analysis and support.

The Administrations were presented with the global best practice experiences from France and Croatia, among other EU member states.  The training was oriented toward national level policy makers on matters of policy “reforms” or enhancements that could improve the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector.

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