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The First Global Partnership for Social Accountability Grant Proposal from Moldova is Now Open for Public Comments

July 9, 2013

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have an important role to play in driving development. The new mechanism of Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) (www.worldbank.org/gpsa) - the coalition of donors, governments and civil society organizations - aims to improve development results by supporting capacity building for enhanced citizen feedback and participation. The GPSA will contribute to country-level governance reforms and improved service delivery. To achieve this objective, the GPSA provides strategic and sustained support to CSOs’ social accountability initiatives aimed at strengthening transparency and accountability.

Moldova was one of the first countries to join the GPSA initiative; and Moldovan Civil Society Organizations actively participated in its first call for proposals on Social Accountability.  In February 2013, the GPSA’s Call for Proposals was launched for CSOs in 12 countries to win grants ranging from US$ 500,000 - US$ 1,000,000. In Moldova, the first round called for initiatives to monitor the quality of public education services, so that the resulting information could be used by the Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions to enhance formal oversight systems and/or to strengthen institutional capacity of CSOs working on social accountability. A total of 13 organizations from Moldova submitted proposals.

The proposal ‘Empowered Citizens Enhancing Accountability of the Education Reform and Quality of Education in Moldova’ from the EXPERT-GRUP independent Think Tank from Moldova has been preselected as one of 12 finalists from 10 countries for the GPSA’s first grants for social accountability projects from a total of 216 proposals submitted this year. Selections were made by the GPSA Steering Committee, based on the reviews by a group of technical experts worldwide; and information on the submitted proposals, selection process and roster of experts can be found on the GPSA web-site.

The public disclosure period is now open and until July 16, 2013 the GPSA is accepting comments from public on the above mentioned proposal ‘Empowered Citizens Enhancing Accountability of the Education Reform and Quality of Education in Moldova’. A PDF copy of the proposal; how it was pre-selected and how comments will be applied as well as instructions on how to submit comments are available on GPSA web-site. The GPSA takes all comments received into consideration before giving the final approval of the project.

For further clarifications or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GPSA team by e-mail: gpsa@worldbank.org

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