World Bank Launches Bangladesh Enterprise Survey 2013 to Assess Bangladeshi Business Environment

June 6, 2013

DHAKA, June 06, 2013 - The World Bank has launched the Enterprise Survey in Bangladesh to assess the business environment and investment climate barriers that limit economic growth. The survey is part of a global project in South Asia and would include interviews with over 1550 manufacturing and services companies. The survey results along with additional information from other studies constitute a source of policy recommendation for government to promote investment, productivity and economic growth.

The previous Enterprise survey in Bangladesh was conducted in 2007. The World Bank publishes aggregate measures of the survey data online where more than 100 indicators of the private sector are created on topics such as infrastructure, access to finance, and business- government relations. This data is easily comparable with similar indicators for other countries.

A thriving private sector is at the heart of a country’s development.  Private investment leads to higher growth, more jobs, and greater prosperity, thus helping to reduce poverty levels.’ said Johannes Zutt, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh and Nepal. ‘The survey results, along with previous data, will help us to understand the dynamics of the Bangladeshi economy and to identify further ways to help private businesses to success--both at home and abroad.

The World Bank implements this type of study on the business environment throughout the world using a standardized questionnaire adapted to the particular context of each country. The questionnaire includes topics on infrastructure, access to financial services, innovation and technology, competition, workforce, informality, and the effect of government regulations on businesses.

Nielsen Bangladesh, a leading research company of Bangladesh, has been contracted to implement the survey. The survey would commence from April and cover Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, and Khulna division.

Preliminary results of the survey are expected in September 2013. To ensure reliability of the collected data and to protect the identity of the interviewed firms, the World Bank guarantees confidentiality of individual information of firms.

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