Global Ocean Action Summit to Seal Major Deals

March 27, 2013

27 March 2013 – The Government of the Netherlands and the World Bank today announced plans for a Global Ocean Action Summit that will seal major deals for worldwide action addressing the threats to the health and productivity of the oceans.  

Leaders from developing and developed countries, private companies, science and civil society will come together in The Hague, The Netherlands from September 9-13 to “turn the tide” on ocean health.

“Healthy oceans are essential for global food security, livelihoods and economic growth. They underpin the health and wealth of the planet,” said Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“We need global attention, action and investment to turn around challenges like pollution, habitat loss and crashing fish stocks – all of which are being compounded by climate change. The Action Summit in The Hague brings together the diversity of actors who can help make the change we need.”

Through the Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO), there is now a new way of matching demand from countries for rapid-response ocean solutions with targeted finance and technical expertise from a diversity of committed partners.

Since its launch last year, the GPO has brought together over 120 Governments, private sector companies, civil society organizations, research institutions, and multilateral banks and foundations. The Partnership’s focus is on getting country-led action on the ground around sustainable fisheries and aquaculture; critical habitat; and pollution reduction.  

The Hague event will culminate on September 12 in a one-day “high level” summit of global leaders and key public figures.

“Leaders will come with serious commitment to action,” said Rachel Kyte, Vice President of Sustainable Development at the World Bank. “There is huge potential to take solutions to scale so that the oceans are restored to health while providing food and jobs for hundreds of millions of people.”


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