World Bank Managing Director to visit Poland

April 10, 2012

Warsaw, 10 April, 2012 — World Bank Managing Director Caroline Anstey tomorrow begins a two day visit to Poland, aimed at strengthening international cooperation with the country, an important shareholder and partner of the World Bank Group.

During her visit, Anstey will meet Professor Marek Belka, Governor of the National Bank of Poland, Jacek Dominik, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Finance and Beata Stelmach, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aside from meeting key policy makers, she will also meet representatives of civil society organizations.

As the Managing Director responsible for the World Bank’s modernization drive, Anstey will also give a speech at a seminar organized jointly by the National Bank of Poland and the World Bank, titled Democratizing Development in a Transforming World.

“Poland is increasingly emerging as a major player within the European Union, and as the fastest growing economy within the EU, I’m looking forward to gaining a firsthand assessment of the opportunities and challenges ahead,” Anstey said:

“Poland is also emerging as a respected voice within the development community, as illustrated by Marek Belka’s election to be the chair of our Development Committee, the highest policy making body of the World Bank Group.”  

“The World Bank is committed to scaling-up our partnership with Poland. My visit will also offer an opportunity to hear Poland’s views on global issues and the priorities for the Bank’s modernization agenda, in particular how we can best share the Bank’s knowledge to better serve the needs of countries like Poland,” Anstey said.

Discussions are expected to focus on the new trends and patterns of economic development in a changing world and their implications for the international community, and for international financial institutions like the World Bank. Anstey will also discuss with the authorities and other stakeholders how Poland can share its successes and experience with other countries to further strengthen its voice on the global scene.

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