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World Bank supports gender equity for the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable groups in Albania

June 23, 2011

TIRANA, June 23, 2011 – Today the World Bank Office in Tirana announced the winners of the Civil Society Fund for 2011. The focus of the program for 2011 is gender equity, especially for the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable groups in Albania and the supported projects will promote:

  • disparities in human capital: access to education, access to social protection, and health services;
  • disparities in socio-economic opportunities, labor market, and property rights;
  • women empowerment, especially women from marginalized groups, women with disabilities, Roma women, in development initiatives in their community and local decision-making;
  • awareness on gender stereotypes and mindset changes on women contribution;
  • gender relations by involving the youngest, men and boys in activities;
  • advocating and monitoring the implementation of the gender related legislation;
  • community awareness on gender equality and domestic violence; involving men and boys in combating gender stereotypes,  discrimination and violence against women.

Around sixty project-proposals were received and carefully reviewed by the External Evaluation Committee comprising representatives from the donor community and international organizations working with civil society programs, and the Internal Evaluation Committee composed of World Bank staff. Eleven winning projects were selected. The following NGOs and their respective projects are the winners for this year.

  1. Violence reduction towards Roma and Egyptian women by raising community awareness, ARSIS – Organizate Shoqerore e Perkrahjes se te Rinjve, Tirana.
  2. Building an economic model for the provision of social services – children daycare, lavomatic and family food – for empowerment of employed women, and change of the mentality on their contribution at work, family and community, Instituti per Bashkepunim dhe Zhvillim, Berat.
  3. Domestic violence – a problem concerning all the society, Forumi i Pavarur i Gruas Shqiptare, Lac, Berat, Sarande.
  4. Raising women awareness on the importance of their participation in the community decision-making, Artistet dhe Femijet, Pogradec.
  5. Roma women professional training and psycho-social support for improving gender equality, Rromani Baxt Albania, Tirane.
  6. Girls and women in Elbasan do lobbing and advocate for the implementation of the Gender Equality law in employment, Ne familje per familjen, Elbasan.
  7. Decion-making? Not without me!, Programi Rinor per Edukimin QytetarMalesi e Madhe, Koplik, Puke, Shkoder.
  8. Improving women and girls’ ownership rights in the informal areas in the outskirts of Tirana, Qendra per Studime te Avancuara, Tirana (Kamez, Allias, Kodra e Priftit, Bathore)
  9. Education of the Puka youth on gender equality and the prevention of violence in the families through community and informal activities, Shoqata Shumesportesh, Alpinizmit, Skive, dhe Turizmit Malor dhe sporteve te tjera  “TERBUNI – PUKE”, Puke.
  10. Access to justice for Roma women and girls and those living in rural areas, Res Publica, Tirana, Vore.
  11. Violence reduction towards Roma and Egyptian women, Qendra Psiko – Sociale “Vatra”, Vlore.

The total amount available for this year program was $60,000 and the geographical distribution of winning projects covers almost all regions of the country.