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PRESS RELEASE November 15, 2000

World Bank Launches Japanese-Language Web Site for Bond Investors

Tokyo, November 15, 2000 - The World Bank today launched a new web site for Japanese bond investors. The site address is

Since January 2000, the World Bank has been maintaining an English-language web site for its bond investors world-wide. That site has become very popular among investors, recording more than 50,000 hits every month. In order to better cater to the needs of its Japanese bond buyers, the World Bank is now offering a Japanese-language web site. The new site will be operated and maintained by the World Bank's Tokyo Office.

"The World Bank has a long tradition in placing securities with Japanese investors and providing new financial products to the Japanese market," says Gumersindo Oliveros, the Bank's Director of Treasury Finance.

The Bank launched the first global bond in yen in 1992 and spearheaded the issuance of structured financing notes in the Japanese market. More recently, the institution's issuance activity into Japan has grown rapidly, and nearly every third bond issued has been placed with Japanese asset managers and retail investors.

"Given this renewed level of activity in Japan, our new web site is intended to offer Japanese investors comprehensive information on the World Bank's securities as well as on its overall activities in the international capital markets," Oliveros says. "We place great value on our Japanese investor base and we hope that the new web site will add more dimensions to our already close dialogue with the Japanese investor community."

Shuzo Nakamura, Director of the World Bank's Tokyo Office, notes that the new web site also features an e-mail feedback system that allows investors to communicate directly with a World Bank capital market specialist in Japanese. "Our objective is to be as responsive as possible to inquiries of investors. Current and prospective bond investors in World Bank debt securities can simply send us an e-mail, and we are committed to respond to all investor inquiries as quickly as possible. It is highly unusual for a borrower to offer such a high level of accessibility to their investors, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of these efforts which aim to set a new standard with respect to client responsiveness."

With over 50 years of presence in the international presence, the World Bank is the most recognized and innovative borrower in the capital markets. Issued by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank debt securities offer strong performance, high liquidity, and the best possible credit rating. The World Bank uses the funds it raises in the markets to extend reconstruction and development loans to its member countries. In the 1950s and 60s the World Bank played a key role in financing Japan's post-war reconstruction, including providing loans to build the Shinkansen bullet train. Today, Japan is the World Bank's second largest shareholder and is playing a key role in setting the direction of the World Bank's lending activities in the new millennium.