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PRESS RELEASE September 17, 1976

World Bank Places $350 Million 2-Year Bond Issue

The World Bank announced the placement of a $350,000,000 Issue of U.S. dollar Bonds maturing September 15, 1978 in markets outside the United States. The Bonds were purchased by central banks and other governmental institutions of 64 countries and by one international organization. Such purchasers now hold $1,290,000,000 of World Bank Two-year Bonds.

The new World Bank Bonds, known as “Two-Year Bonds of 1976, due September 15, 1978" bear interest at 6-7/8% per annum, payable semi-annua11y. The Issue was sold at par.

The new Bonds were delivered on September 15, 1976. An Issue in the aggregate principal amount of $200,000,000 placed outside the United States with similar purchasers in September 1974 matured on September 15, 1976.