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Update on Let’s Work Tanzania

March 1, 2016

The Let’s Work Tanzania team has identified horticulture as the agribusiness subsector to focus on for the value chain analysis as part of its work program. The subsector selection is based on desk reviews and consultations with development partners and the private sector in Tanzania. The team will now focus on selecting the specific crops and locations for analysis. The value chain analysis will be conducted by an external firm and recruitment is underway.


The team is also continuing its work on spatial analysis of firms and employment using business registry data from the Census of Registered Establishments (CRE). The preliminary analysis will be completed soon. In addition, the team is working on a model to undertake socio-economic profiling and job growth potential of tertiary towns, also known as Local Government Units (LGUs). This tool aims to inform future projects on urban planning in Tanzania, while keeping a “jobs lens,” in mind.


Let’s Work is also partnering with the Imperial College of London to do an Impact Evaluation of an International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Food Program (WFP) project aimed at raising  productivity in maize farmers. The project is part of the multi-country Patient Procurement Platform (PPP) that aims to increase the productivity of smallholder farmers by making it possible for them to plant, harvest and sell enough high-quality crops to boost their income and increase food security. The platform offers these farmers much needed inputs such as quality seeds, insurance, financing, and improved market access.