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Making Waves: Sustainable Jobs for Youth in the Blue Economy

March 27, 2024

The blue economy is a promising sector for advancing youth employment and supporting structural transformation in low-income countries. In fact, economic activities within the blue economy can generate more jobs for young people than their older counterparts. But ensuring that job creation within this sector is environmentally sustainable requires a focused approach. 

At this webinar, experts from across the field will explore strategies for promoting youth-friendly and environment-friendly jobs in ocean-based industries, addressing the following questions: 

  • What is the blue economy and what does FAO’s vision for blue transformation entail?  
  • How does the blue economy contribute to creating a sustainable and inclusive future?  
  • What job opportunities can the blue economy bring for young people? 
  • What barriers are there to youth employment in the blue sector? 

Gianluigi Nico (World Bank) will present findings from the recent Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) publication, Blue Economy: Structural Transformation & Implications for Youth Employment. Nicole Franz (FAO) will discuss young people’s role in blue transformation and what skills are needed. Afrina Choudhury (WorldFish) will explore how aquatic sectors contribute to young people’s livelihoods. Harrison Charo Karisa (PROBLUE, World Bank) will share strategies for promoting aquaculture as a sustainable alternative to traditional fisheries. Yuko Okamura (World Bank) will provide insights on social protection for youth in the blue economy. Pratap Sinha (GIZ India project) will share his insights on overcoming hidden hunger through climate-smart agroecological approaches and jobs and how the government and local farmer institutions have taken steps towards more sustainable aquaculture, highlighting two innovations: 1. Self-financed extension service model by Community Resource Persons (CRP) and 2. Economic capacity building through the Aquaculture Business School (ABS).   

This webinar is organized by Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE). S4YE is a global program housed in the Jobs Group of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank that brings together donors, governments, foundations, private sector companies, NGOs, and youth to support catalytic actions to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work.


  • March 27: 10:00 AM - 11:00 EST

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  • Bringing together donors, governments, foundations, private sector companies, NGOs and youth to support catalytic programs to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work
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